Female Facial Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing

There are just so many misconceptions about female facial hair going around the internet (and in real life), that it’s almost funny. I mean, let’s be real; just because it’s not being openly discussed by women themselves, it doesn’t mean there’s something ~mysterious~ or fascinating about it! Here, we’ll be debunking several female facial hair myths; and hopefully by the end of the article you’ll have a clearer understanding on it (unless you’re a female, obviously). Let’s get started!

1. Women don’t have facial hair
Now, we don’t know where did this myth come from, or who started it. And honestly, it’s weird to think so! Just because it’s less visible than male facial hair, it doesn’t mean that women don’t have facial hair. In fact, most do; and you can even notice it easily on some.

2. Women only have it on their upper lip
Well, we do have hair on our upper lip; but hey! They’re called facial for a reason; maybe because they sprout from almost anywhere on our face? Yes, we do have it on our upper lip, but they also appear in our chin, neck, and cheeks.

3. Only dark-haired and light-skinned women have it
No, no, no. This is not true at all! True, on some people, due to their complexion and hereditary hair color, facial hair can be more visible; but trust me, most women have facial hair.

4. You shouldn’t remove it (for various reasons)
There are countless reasons, being passed from generations to generations, on why you should never pluck off your facial hair. They will either grow even faster, thicker, or you’ll end up with more facial hair (OH!). But relax, none of them is true! It may seem like they grow more, quicker, or thicker; but most of the time it’s just how you feel. So if you feel the need to, don’t hesitate to shave them off!

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5. You must remove your facial hair
But then again, there’s no written rule on why you must remove your facial hair. Only do so if you feel comfortable; and don’t let anyone pressure you to do anything you’re unsure of. We understand that removing facial hair can be quite tricky for some; especially since facial hair tends to be very thin and smooth, so if you’re afraid of getting hurt or cut yourself and choose not to, then don’t. You can shave it off or you can use a depilatory cream, but waxing may be a good solution (see: Homemade Facial Hair Removal Mask). If you want to shave it off, make sure you learn how to properly do so. Nevertheless, there is a new process of removing unwanted hair that is very popular nowadays: Laser hair removal or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

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6. You have hormone imbalances if you have facial hair
Some hormone imbalances cases may result on excessive growth in facial hair. However, it does NOT mean you have hormone imbalances just because you have facial hair. Because if that’s the case, then all us women need to get checked.

7. Facial hair is always thick
If you think that facial hair equals prickly, thick hair commonly found on male, then you need to readjust your view. The fact is, there are many different kinds of facial hair. On women, they tend to be rather fine and short; rather than wiry and thick.

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  1. If you’ve ever shaved your legs before and waxed as well, you know the difference of the hair’s texture after each of these techniques.
    – Shaving gives thick stubby hair (which grows back quickly)
    – Waxing gives thin silky hair (which takes more time to grow back)
    So unless you are after growing a man’s beard, don’t ever shave your face if you are a woman.

    1. Shaving does not make it grow any thicker, the ends are just blunt. Shaving doesn’t remove the hair from the folicle, therefore it does grow back faster, but hair does not multiply nor does the diameter or color change.

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