The Neon Makeup Trend Got Us Shook!

Getting ready for a party? Or trying to rock a different look? Whatever you have in mind, this neon makeup trend is your answer. Different makeup trends are making their ways online thanks to the abundant social media platforms. With one click, you can share or even upload your own version of the trend. This neon makeup trend is not an exception. Popularized by beauty gurus from YouTube and Instagram, we are now blessed with what is a great makeup trend this year.

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Among them, we have Kristen Leanne. Known for her bold makeup style, utilizing bright and luminous colors, Leanne is definitely your number 1 destination if you’re looking for a neon makeup tutorial. She uploaded a 10-minute video on how to recreate the neon makeup trend. If you don’t have enough time to watch the whole thing, just jot this down: all you need is some bright eye shadow and some white liquid eyeliner. Simple as that!

Now let’s get started. Using the white eyeliner as a base, simply draw your white line as thick as you’d like, in your desired shape (bonus point if you can draw hearts or other figures on your eyelid. Bravo). Once the color sets, add your bright-color eye shadow on top and there you go! The neon makeup!

And they don’t work only on eyes! Like Leanne, you can use vivid-colored eye shadows on your lips (make sure to put on nude-colored lipstick as the base) then draw a thin line on top of the shadow using a neon body paint. Be careful, though! Eye shadows aren’t edible, so you’d have to wipe it off before having your dinner!

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You can also consider doing a toned-down version of the look, using darker colors and put more emphasis on winged eyeliner instead of eye-popping colors. If you’re looking for something the polar opposite, though, you can use some glow-in-the-dark products.

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