Homemade Facial Hair Removal Mask

One of the most unpleasant places for a woman to have hair on is her face and even if our bodies are almost fully covered with hair, women with dark brown or black hair have it more accentuated on their face. It looks weird and most of them remove it with waxing or shaving. Forget about these practices and start using this natural homemade hair removal mask that has a gelatin consistency and will remove all the hair that is seen on the face.


Mask ingredients:
– 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin;
– 2 tablespoons of milk;
– 2 drops of some lavender essential oil;
– half teaspoon of lemon juice.

Directions: Mix the gelatin, milk lavender oil and lemon juice, basically all the ingredients in a small recipient until the composition is almost omogen then insert it into the microwave for about 10-15 seconds. After you have taken it out, let it cool and test with your fingers if the temperature is ok. At this point the mixture will be omogen and apply it on the areas where you want your hair to be removed (watch the eyebrows). So, apply it and let it sit for about 15 minutes or more until it dries then peel it off. This mask will remove the hair and also blackheads (if you have some). Try it out and tell us how it worked for you!

Photo courtesy: rapidhomeremedies.

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    1. Is it necessary to use lavander essencial oil or i can use other oil? please answer me, i can’t find this oil.

      1. If you have a health food store near you, the store may have it. You can purchase it from The NOW brand is very good. If you dont want to purchase from amazon, you can google it. You can also get from the following websites:,,,, or any website that sells soap making supplies

  1. Hi! Just tried this a few days ago. I was sceptical at first. I put it in the microwave for 15s spreads it all around my fave avoiding the eyebrows. My thoughts after it smelled lovely and came off nicely. Be warned this is NOT pain free because you are removing all the peach fuzz. Keep in mind this is meant to peach fuzz not lip hair! It works great but obviously doesn’t remove all the hair. Make sure to actually let it sit 15 minutes on the face and I did it two days in a row. Don’t think I will need to redo this for a few weeks! Hope you have the same success!

    1. How did you feel afterwards? Is the hair growth thicker after you’ve done the facial? Does it look obvious to the viewer that you have done something to your face?

  2. Does it grow back fast? thicker?
    because I have facial hair but it’s not THAT much, and I would like to risk anything? I wouldn’t want to have to do it my whole life…
    In how much time does it grow back?
    Thanks for any response

    1. I am an esthetician and the only things that make your hair grow in different are hormones and genetics, nothing more. It’s a myth that hair grows in thicker after shaving waxing or any type of hair removal.

      1. This is not true. Anywhere that I have removed hair on my body its has grown in thicker and darker. And I mean anywhere. So the comment that it doesn’t is BS.

        1. The reason you perceive your hair to grow back thicker and darker is due to the fact your hair is in a new growth stage and its growing evenly, so it is coarse and feels thicker, it has also not been exposed to sunlight and therefore has not lightened unlike the longer hair. You should google it, also I’m sure an esthetician knows what she’s talking about.

  3. I tried this and I expected better results the hair barely came off. I used it on the same area on the picture and under my chin (peach fuzz). I want to do it again, but just how soon should I?

    1. Nothing other than laser hair removal will ever even approach being “permanent”, and even that is not a lifetime guarantee. Hair will grow back unless you kill the hair follicle in which it grows. Cutting, plucking or waxing will all result in regrowth.

  4. Well, dunno about this, but if your facial hair is genetic a good solution, but slow process is to scrub your face with a mixture of turmeric, gram flour and milk (not boiled). You can leave this to dry and then scrub it off with a little water in your hands. It takes time but works over a long period of time, the early in age you start the more success is achieved.

    Also, I dunno if this can be suggested as a remedy but I don’t have hair growth on my lower legs, this was after I had soaked my feet in warm water post waxing. It I think burnt my hair follicle, which got exposed after waxing. After that there was little or no hair growth. May be someone can try this too.

  5. I’m not sure if I did it right. I had all of the ingredients on hand so I gave it a try. l have a lot of peach fuz and it did not remove any. However it did have a pleasant oder and peeled off like a mask…leaving my skin smooth, refreshed and blackhead free!

  6. If I use this gellitin method then how long it last after how many days will the hair grow again n will the hair growth be more after using it or thicker hair will come??? N also is it better than waxing Ur face because I waxed my face once n hair grew more

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