6 Solid Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know By Heart

Have you ever bought a pair of expensive heels only to find out that you can’t wear them for more than 10 minutes without your feet hurting? We’ve all been there. However, some wardrobe hacks and fashion tips can go a long way in helping you avoid these failures and look your best at all times. From turning your oversized shirts to trendy, fashionable crop tops to learning the most incredible tips on cleaning white fabric, we’ve got it all covered.

So, you can stop looking and start with this simple guide. Here are 6 must-know fashion tips that can help any woman look her best at all times.

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Knot Your Oversized Tops

Every woman pretty much suffers from this problem, having a bunch of oversized t-shirts and tops that look either ill-fitted or too big to wear. The good news is you don’t have to throw these tops away or donate them to a charity. You can simply tie the waist of the shirt or t-shirt and fold the sleeves up to reduce its size and make it look a lot more fashionable.

Many girls do this trick, you’ll end up with an effortlessly voguish look and your shirts will fit perfectly so you won’t have to get rid of any of your oversized clothes.

Use a Hairdryer for Your Uncomfortable Heels

This is another common wardrobe problem that most women face. Spending a lot of money on a beautiful pair of heels and not being able to flaunt them comfortably as they don’t fit.

Heels can be extremely uncomfortable and can even hurt your back if you don’t wear them correctly. Luckily, there’s a smart solution to this problem. You can put on a thick pair of socks and walk around in your new heels then blast them cautiously with a hairdryer to loosen them up a little. The heat will cause the shoes to become more flexible to take the shape of your feet, while the thick socks will widen them to make them fit.

Keep Your Closet Organized

This may not be the type of advice you were expecting but knowing where every piece of your clothes is will cut down the time you take to get dressed in half. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing exactly where you keep your comfortable jeans that only fit on specific days when you feel rather bloated and still want to look your best.

Fashion gurus at Thread Curve say keeping an organized closet has helped many women reduce the time they spend looking for outfits before they head out to work. Imagine how much time you’ll be saving by taking a few hours to re-organize your closet.

Make Time for Your Jeans Shopping

Shopping for jeans is known to be a long task that can take hours. Whether you’re looking for a straight-legged style or a non-traditional boyfriend cut, you may need to try on what feels like hundreds of pairs to find the perfect one that fits your shape.

Make sure you consider some of your different looks before buying a pair that seems fitting, it has to match a couple of your daily styles or looks such as wearing ankle boots or maybe heels for when you’re going to the office.

Hire a Seamstress

It makes all the difference in the world to wear clothes that actually fit your shape and proportions rather than ones that don’t. Working with a seamstress is a great way of throwing a few darts here and there to your dresses and shirts to highlight your curves or make your waist more visible. It can save you from dismissing many options in the fitting room just because they look unfitting or feel too big around the middle.

Use Vinegar for White Shoes

White sneakers tend to get dirty pretty fast and it’s like you have to clean them every time you put them on just to make sure they look Instagram-ready every time. You can save a lot of time and keep your white shoes clean and pristine by using vinegar to spot-clean them after you wear them or get them dirty. A toothbrush will help you scrub off the stubborn spots, all you need to do is dip it in vinegar and use it as a cleaning brush to clean your shoes.

Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

Fashion is not just about wearing the most expensive pieces or catching up with the latest trends, sometimes, it’s just about looking effortlessly chic and choosing the outfits that flatter your body the most. That’s why you need to know your ways around every piece you own and figure out a way to make the most of every outfit without throwing clothes away. These tips will help you save money on those pieces that you could have gotten rid of without knowing what potential they have.

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