3 Essential Tips For Writing an Application Essay for Fashion School

Some industries just have that easygoing glamorous vibe around them. So, it’s difficult to imagine that to get into this fascinating world one must resort to traditional rather mundane means. Writing an application essay to enter the fashion school is a very good illustration. Of course, self-made designers and magazines editors may look pretty natural in their jobs. But every success story comes with a significant investment of time, money and will into proper education to start with.

If a road to your dream career goes through the fashion school, you’ll be writing an application essay among other first steps. Surely, online you can get lots of commonsense advice like proofread your essay before submission and stick to the required format and word count. But there are several useful hacks raising your chances for fashion school acceptance.

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1. Show Your Authentic Self

Writing an application essay is always like keeping balance on a tightrope. Between constructing what is required and expected and what you are willing to show and demonstrate you need to choose a middle ground. And it is true for most colleges and professions. But if you feel your fashion school is praising creativity and freedom of thought, it may be smart to shift the balance toward more personal essay.

Conforming with the rules and instructions is valuable skill, but it’s not the most important one for your future occupation in fashion business. Especially with many brilliant applicants hoping to get into the same establishment, you’d be wise to stand out.

Consider adding a compelling story of your personal attitude to fashion world and how you’ve got hooked on this topic. Maybe add a funny childhood story or an unusual insight to the field. Do not shy away from your own ideas, so the admission committee gets to see the real you.

The key focus here is to stay professional and tasteful. Your life story is important but not without a context. Provide the interesting details about yourself while persuading the readers to wish to read and hear more from view upon admission.

2. Clearly And Fully Deliver to The Essay Question

In contrast to the previous point, we’d recommend steering clear from too much frivolity in your application essay. Retelling your biography or recalling every iconic designer you’ve liked would not serve to your interests. Remember, your essay will be one in thousand papers on fashion the responsible person reads every year.

The safest route that doesn’t limit your creativity is to stick to the goal – answer the essay question. Most essays would ask you to tell your reasons for applying. But some may be trickier demanding demonstration of abilities to analyze, synthesize, retrieve the necessary information. Such essays require discipline and concise writing. This is why combination of our first and second advice is crucial to master.

It’s not that easy to deliver compelling original writing while staying brief and clear in your narration. If you feel intimidated by this task, you might consider hiring a college essay writer to help you present your great reasons for applying. Experienced professionals would incorporate your personal opinions and observations into the relevant targeted paper fully in line with the admission regulations.

3. Add Some Unexpected Depth from Other Fields

For sure, application essay is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the fashion history and understanding of the context. However, it’s hard to be original with a narrow targeted focus on fashion. And it is also not totally correct, considering how interconnected many creative spheres are.

Truly original deep ideas lie on the crossings between fields. Do not talk about clothes in fashion. Consider writing about role of the costume design in cinema or showbiz. Or explore representation of fashion in art from various history periods.

If you’re brave enough, you can touch upon wider picture of fashion business share in the global economy and its perspectives. As you can see, only your phantasy and erudition are the limit here. Also, such topics look clearly unique, so you can get credit for daring to choose the unbeaten road. It may not only help you to get into the fashion school, but also create a reputation for yourself before even the school year begins.

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Trying your best to get into a college of your dreams is a tiresome stressful task. It becomes even harder for professions where your essay writing skills are very important for admission but would be less crucial for your career.

So, for the cases when application essay writing doesn’t come naturally and easy we’d recommend to follow our advice. Show your true self while sticking to the requirements for admission. Unleash your creativity by exploring unexpected combinations of fields to demonstrate your knowledge of the world beyond fashion. This approach would help you with the admission chances and with creation of a reputation of a smart erudite.

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