Extravagant Nail Art – Tutorial

Extravagant Nail Art - Tutorial

A very glamorous look that will fascinate every girl that has a passion for detail and good looks, this manicure is easy to make and will leave you really pleased with the result.

You will need:
– nail base coat;
– nail top coat;
– nail polish: silver and purple;
– adhesive tape.

Directions: To apply nail polish properly, your nails should be first cleaned of any varnish and dried. Also, they should be cut to the right length and filed to smooth sharp edges. Below it is advisable to use a protective lacquer to strengthen your nails, but also to confer resistance for the colored nail polish. To give you the right nail polish color, you should start by getting rid of excess varnish on the brush. After that, put a small amount of silver lacquer on the nail, next to the cuticle area. Use the brush to spread the silver polish over the entire height of the nail. Follow covering the sides of the nail, using the same nail polish. Continue to stretch brush to cover the right side first , then the left, until the nail is fully colored. Now use small pieces of adhesive tape for covering the cuticle half of each nail. Continue with applying the purple nail polish. If you want your nail polish to have a really intense color and uniform texture, wait until the first coat is completely dry and apply a second one. Remove the adhesive tape, then use a mirror silver polish for covering the line where silver and purple polish meet. Last but not least, when you feel that your nails polish glitter is not enough, you can use the transparent nail polish once again. So, apply another layer to achieve the desired result. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m asking the same as the others. Can you please let us know what the purple is? The link crediting the image is broken.

  2. Use liquid latex instead of tape. I think it worKS much better! And please tell us what color and brand of purple you used. Thank you.

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