Extraordinary Home Design in Spanish Oaks, Texas


A collaborative work of Paula Ables Interiors and James D. LaRue, this house is undoubtedly a grand creation on so many levels. The excellence of this teamwork shines through the residence located in Spanish Oaks neighborhood in Austin, Texas, USA.

With principal glass entrance, you can’t help but to be awed by the wonderful design that screams elegance and simplicity. Equipped with a swimming pool, high-tech lightning system, as well as solar panels, this house is a perfect home for any family.

The living room is also an ideal space for family gatherings, where you can chat and enjoy the warmth of fireplace in the same time. Dining together can’t be more enjoyable, with wood-themed kitchen, accented with marble furniture. The working room is decorated with simple abstract painting, and equipped with a desk, a sofa, and a television that will keep you entertained and relaxed while working.

And what’s better than stepping into a spacious, simple yet luxurious bedroom with a window that overlooks the natural view around? And if you’re a fan of self-pamper, your marble-tiled bathroom with minimalist sink, a bath tub and a glass-walled shower will certainly make you hesitant leaving the bathroom.

Overall, this house is certainly a work of art. Regardless of your personal taste, it’s very difficult to not fall in love with the arrangement, the interior, the decoration, or even the details such as the tiles or the furniture. After a long day of work, this house will certainly ease your stress and allows you to bond with other family members.

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