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If you are a fan of colorful dresses that will instantly catch people’s attention, you may want to check out this extensive collection of designer Blanka Matragi. The Czech-born designer had quite a track record when it comes to art education, with degree in Fashion Design from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. As someone who has travelled to several different countries such as Lebanon, Beirut, and Arab Gulf countries, Blanka Matragi’s designs are heavily influenced by the culture of such countries, as well as music and graphics.

Blanka Matragi’s designs are also hard to be missed thanks to its luxury materials and finest fabric. But such materials won’t be much of a use if one doesn’t know how to create these stunning dresses. She is also personally involved in the process of making the art works. She mentioned that her goal was to create dream-like clothing, a surreal scene. When designing, she also kept in mind the models; which helped her to create dresses that fit perfectly like a glove. As an academic painter, it’s not surprising most of Blanka Matragi’s works are very color-detailed, such as dresses in vivid color.

Her tireless hard work was not without result. On 2010, she opened her first boutique in Prague, U Prasne brany 2. She also founded the high-end Blanka Haute Couture salon in Beirut where her exclusive clients include wives of local oil magnates, entrepreneurs, and diplomats who had their luxurious dresses sewn.

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  1. simply beautiful Blanka. It’s so nice to see such beautiful colors that we use to sketch on paper come alive on fabric.. Thank you so much.

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