Easy Sock Bun Tutorial For a Cute Hairstyle

Sock buns are very popular between young girls and not only, especially between those who want their hair look much fuller and thicker. We have previously presented you how to make a sock bun, but this is a different method you will find also easy to make. To be able to make a sock bun you need to take a sock, cut the tip toes area out then roll the fabric in a way you create a doughnut. This is basically what you are gonna be working with to create this hairstyle.

What you will need:

– sock;
– scissors;
– hair elastic;
– some bobby pins;
– hairspray.


1. Take your hair elastic and gather the hair in a ponytail exactly where you want the bun to be.

2. Take the sock, cut the toe out of it and roll the sock down until you make a “sock donut”.

3. Insert the hair from the ponytail into the hole of the sock.

4. Cover and wrap around the hair to the doughnut and pin with some bobby pins if necessary.

5. Add some hairspray if you want and your bun is finished.

sock bun (1)
Easy Sock Bun Tutorial For a Cute Hairstyle

Photo courtesy: 1.belovelynow; 2.prettydesigns.

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