Christmas Nail Art Using Adhesive Tape

Christmas Tree Nail Art

These nail art projects will give you inspiration when planning your Christmas nail designs. In no more then 6 steps you can turn an ordinary nail paint into a sophisticated one.

You will need:
– nail base coat;
– nail top coat;
– nail polish in different colors;
– adhesive tape;
– scissors;
– nail rhinestones (optional).

Directions: Apply nail base coat, let dry and then color your nails. Let the paint dry. Take the scissors and cut some strips of adhesive tape. Place the strips in a way that the visible color from the gaps is geometrically agreeable and art oriented. An easy way is to place the tape strips per direction. So, first apply the ones going in one direction, then the strips going in a second direction. Now, paint over the nails (with the strips taped on) with a different contrasting color. Then, carefully peel of all the pieces of tape, but remove them individually. Apply nail top coat if necessary. Enjoy!

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Christmas Tree Nail Art (2) Christmas Tree Nail Art

Photo courtesy: trusper.

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