Your dressing is a reflection of your personality and forms a vital impression at the workplace. Proper attire can make you appear confident and no-nonsense. It has often been quoted that you should dress like you have already got that promotion! And this quote definitely makes sense, because your dressing can be viewed as an indicator of how much you value your work, your workplace environment and can also indicate a level of discipline and being organized.

Chic Office Attire

For instance, an exceptionally tailored formal coat and a white blouse with a tapered pencil skirt can be paired with comfortable heeled pumps, a stylish bag and slicked back hair. This can make for a powerful ‘I-mean-business look’!

The key here is also the colour palette. Keeping it neutral and basic yet bold and classy makes sure that only your most confident stride is set forward. Shades of blue, grey, brown and black, along with soft pastels in brighter colours look both feminine and professional.

Chic Office Attire (2)

A critical aspect of office attire is also the skin that is displayed. Mini-skirts, or spaghetti strapped/see-through tops, cleavage revealing dresses etc are a big ‘no’, since they attempt at taking the attention away from your hard work!

So keep it covered, subtly accessorized and confidently worn, so that you are easily identified as the next-big-thing and nothing else but your goal shines through!

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