How to Make Office Outfits Fun and Trendy

Heading to work doesn’t mean you have to dress boringly. Even though you’re in the office, you can still mix work and play with your wardrobe. Gone are the days when women were expected to wear trousers and blazers with massive shoulder pads and high heeled pumps.

Nowadays, many workplaces are letting their employees have a little fun with what they wear to work, as long as it’s appropriate. With so many people working from home in their pajamas over the last couple of years, it’s no wonder that employers are a little more slack as they get back to working in the office.

If you want to look your best at work, here are some ways to make office outfits fun and trendy.

1. The Blazer

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Every wardrobe should have at least one blazer. Even if you don’t work in an office, the blazer is very flexible and versatile in that it can be worn in almost any situation. In addition, because it’s such a classic look, you can be sure that it fits within your dress code, making it a valuable part of your wardrobe.

You won’t need shoulder pads anymore, but your blazer should still have some structure. A good back-to-the-office look is a semi-casual blazer paired with a bodysuit. Then you can wear pants or trousers on the bottom that are appropriate for both home and the office. It will give you a clean, professional look while also being comfortable and stylish.

2. Be Colorful

Neutrals are the backbone of any workplace wardrobe and with good reason. They’re inoffensive, don’t stand out, and all your pieces mix and match.

However, that’s changing in a big way. You shouldn’t be scared of experimenting with some color in your outfits. You can go with a monochrome boldly colored blazer or blouse, for example. A great place to have a splash of color is with your slacks. Be brave and bold, and showcase your personality.

If you are in a more conservative office, then try coloring up something small as an accent piece, like a scarf or your shoes.

3. Office Dresses

When you get up on a blurry Monday morning, the last thing you want is to have to make any hard choices with your outfit. Luckily the solution is the office dress. A midi dress is the perfect option to show a bit of leg and still have that boss lady attitude.

The best thing about dresses is that they come in comfortable fabrics, like cashmere, or you can go with something bold, like leather. Go with long sleeves and a button-up front, and you’ll be ready to go in no time. All it takes is to slip it over your head.

4. Trench Coats

The trench coat is a classic look that people have been wearing to the office for years. However, you no longer have to wear a beige, navy, or black trench. Instead, you can play with all sorts of colors and textures to give a fun vibe to your coat. Faux leather or a bold color like yellow are more than acceptable and draw attention.

5. Matching Sets

Modest women’s clothing is par for the course at the office. However, you can still be modest while being fun and quirky while still being appropriate for work. Some people feel that matching sets are immature or something you save for social occasions.

However, you can look chic and match by choosing the right materials. Silk and knit sets will be just the trick for a maxi skirt and blouse combo that makes you feel and look your best.

6. Metallics

Metallics are having a moment in the fashion industry, and you can take that concept and add it to your work wardrobe rotation. The best thing to do is to have a piece of clothing that’s metallic while contrasting it with neutral or earth shades.

For instance, you can wear metallic pants and pair them with a gray coat. Conversely, you can wear metallic boots and a midi dress or skirt on top of a blue blouse. There are many variations you can try.

7. Jeans

There is nothing more comfy than a pair of trusty jeans. Okay, well, maybe that isn’t true, but wearing them feels good.

Nowadays, people are wearing clothing to work that they’d wear while they’re sitting in a coffee shop with friends or going for a stroll. So plain denim blue jeans with no holes are appropriate for many offices these days. Pair them with a white blouse and some pumps, and you’ll be ready for the office and drinks at the day’s end.

8. Leggings

Believe it or not, leggings are accepted as pants almost everywhere. That means you can wear them to work, as long as you don’t pair them with your casual or athletic wear. The stretchy waistline of leggings makes them an ideal choice for sitting at a desk all day.

Now, you can wear leggings that give a more pant-like feel, like flared hems. You can pair it with a button-up blouse, bulky coat, or sweater. The contrast in the proportions will make for an interesting visual and will even flatter your figure.

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Going to work all day and week can be dull. It used to be that your clothing had to be dull too. However, that’s simply not the case. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your work outfits. Comfort is also a must since sitting at a desk can be a chore. Use these tips to build the ultimate fun, comfortable and trendy wardrobe for the office.

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