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The Comfort-U Body Pillow

Ideal for bed, floor or couch, this amazing pillow has a special design giving you numerous comfort choices to cushion and cradle your body’s load areas such as the abdomen and upper body, with the
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evian baby t shirt

Evian Baby T-Shirt

If you’re a big baby at heart, then you should wear Evian Baby T-Shirt. In the Baby Inside campaign, some adults are shown dancing while wearing white T-shirts imprinted with the body of one of
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nail polish holder

Nail Polish Holder

This amazing nail polish support is a great invention that holds a bottle of nail polish of any shape bottle at any angle. You pinch the bottle holder that has the aspect of a hair
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dress from ties

Beautiful Attire from Recycled Men’s Ties

Who thought that the husband’s or father’s old ties can be reused in an ingenious way? Glamarita decided to recycle the ties resulting  skirts, elegant dresses, vests, shirts, ball gowns and many other lovely things. You can be sure that all items
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