Bollywood Love Story: What Makes an Indian Wedding Special?

Weddings are the symbol of commitment and the foundation of your love for your partner. It is an important rite because it binds two people in a lifetime devotion. Marriage is not just a physical union, it is also a spiritual as well as emotional bond, for some it can also be a celebration of the couple’s religion and culture.

Here are some convincing reasons why Indian weddings are the best wedding and a once in a lifetime experience.

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1. Long Process and Ritual Centered

Right before the wedding, there will be muhurta, which is finding an auspicious wedding date for you. It is using the position of stars and birthdates of the couple to find a suitable date for the wedding. After that, they will do Barni Bandhawa to pray for a smooth and blessed wedding experience, which is performed 15 days before the ceremony.

Next is the tilak (colored powder) ceremony which is attended by all men in both of the family. It may be considered the first step in the bride and groom’s family. The bride’s family will visit the house of the groom and apply tilak on the forehead of the groom.

There will also be a sangeet which means “sung together”. It is a pre-party for the family to sing, dance, and celebrate festivities to come. All of it creates a time for everyone to spend time together and create a bond within the family.

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2. Colorful and Extravagant

Indian weddings typically feature bright, celebratory colors. Vibrant colors and tons of jewelry are the trademarks of a traditional Indian wedding. Red will be a prominent color Indian wedding with gold accents. It will be a visual treat for everyone who is used to traditional White Weddings.

The bride is dressed in her impressive bridal lehenga or sari, with hands and feet elaborately painted with a henna temporary tattoo known as Mehendi. She is adorned with anklets, bracelets, rings, and ornate jewelry, while the groom is dashing in his traditional silk wedding outfit. Christophe Viseux Photography, which covers a lot of Indian Weddings said that it’s like being in a huge fashion show. Everyone will have a different outfit for every single event. The guests will be glammed up with decorative pieces for almost all body parts, the elegance is something you’d become a fan of.

3. Food and Entertainment

India is a very diverse country, and different food will be served at different ceremonies. From starters to mains to desserts, the number of dishes is overflowing and each and every dish is a lavish feast extended by the bride’s parents to all the guests. There will be toasts, speeches, and a whole lot more of spectacles. The family or even guests may serenade the newlyweds with Bollywood-style dances. Sometimes the couple will show off a performative dance themselves before everyone joins them on the dance floor.

If you get invited to a classical Indian wedding, it surely will amaze you on so many levels. This impressive parade of colors, awe-inspiring culture, food, music, and traditions. It is a good opportunity to be a part of a glamorous cultural ceremony. 

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