10 Breakfast Suggestions for When You Run Out of Ideas

Nothing’s better than starting the day with a good hearty breakfast. However, just because you know that this is the most important meal of the day, doesn’t mean that you’ll always have enough time to prepare a full breakfast. In addition to this, you might run out of ideas at some point. If you want recommendations for different breakfasts, here are 10 of them.

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1. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs might seem too old fashioned, but you might be surprised by the various methods with which you can prepare mouthwatering scrambled eggs. For example, scrambled eggs with goat cheese and blistered tomatoes is a highly fulfilling breakfast for any morning. You can also prepare scrambled eggs with Italian sausages and veggies and enjoy a nutritious dish prepared in only 10 minutes.

2. Muffins

Muffins might seem like an unhealthy option to you, but there are multiple healthy recipes that won’t put your diet off course. To enjoy muffins on breakfast, make sure to try some of the healthiest recipes, like spinach and prosciutto frittata muffins, cheddar and scallion muffins, basic muffins with applesauce and your favorite grains, or berry quinoa muffins, which can be made with almond flour and sweetened honey.

3. Oatmeal Pie

A simple delicious oatmeal pie can be made with all-purpose flour, eggs, pie crust, light corn syrup, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, light brown sugar, salted butter, and cooking oats. To make your oatmeal pie healthier, you can try one of the matcha recipes that swaps regular cooking oats with matcha oats, which are high in nutrients, and can be useful in balancing your sugar levels. If you feel like it, you can make oatmeal cream pies, which can be equally delicious.

4. Smoothies

Start your day with one of those colorful summer smoothies and enjoy a healthy morning beverage. From mango to strawberry, to raspberry smoothies, you have a variety of options depending on what type of fruits or vegetables you prefer. Smoothies can be made in a matter of minutes, but make sure you’ve got the right ingredients.

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5. Fruit Salad

Nothing is simpler than cutting up your favorite fruits and mixing them in a bowl. A fruit salad is a great breakfast meal, especially in summer, as it can replenish your water levels and is also high in vitamins and oxidants. If you want to spice up your fruit salad, you can add some of your favorite yogurt, nut butter, or honey. Grilling the fruits before making a salad will add a delicious, caramelized flavor to the mix.

6. Toasts

Nothing says “good morning” like fresh toast with your favorite toppings. With toast, you’ll have an abundance of healthy recipes to start your day with, like a toast topped with a fried egg and sprinkled with curry oil or chocolate almond butter with raspberries on your toast. You can also try smoked salmon toast with onion slices or turkey bacon and egg toast to start off the day.

7. Parfaits

Parfaits are yet another delicious and healthy breakfast to add to your breakfast recipes. Adding whole grains, fruits, and yogurt can make for a delicious snack treat or breakfast. Parfaits can be made in several ways, which allows you to experiment with ingredients that you only like. The important thing is to balance out the layers of yogurt or crushed crackers with the appropriate amount of fruit.

8. Breakfast Pops

This one might be harder to prepare but can certainly be a breath of fresh air when it comes to breakfast recipes. When it comes to preparation, breakfast pops are favored by people of all ages, so you can rest assured that all your family members will love them.

Make sure that you’re adding only healthy ingredients to keep your breakfast healthy. What’s great about breakfast pops is that they can be made 3 months ahead, so you can take them out of the freezer whenever you need them and not waste much time on making breakfast. Plus, the kids are going to love them!

9. Pancakes

To start the day with a healthy, good old-fashioned meal, you can try new healthy pancake recipes, like Greek yogurt, banana oatmeal pancakes, or coconut cream pancakes, which are quite reminiscent of a coconut cream pie. Pancakes are highly versatile and can work with almost any ingredient you top it with, so make sure to try new, different ways every time you make them.

10. Cheese Platter

Preparing a cheese platter can be the easiest and most photogenic breakfast meal on this list. To prepare for this dish, make sure that you have a variety of cheese, meats, fruits, and crackers. You also need a platter big enough to arrange all of these items. You can display the cheeses whichever way you like (wedges, cubes, spears, rolled up, or a mixture of all of these methods). Make sure that the cheese sits at room temperature before you serve it.

With these 10 ideas, you’ll surely have quality breakfast meals every morning. Most of the recipes mentioned here shouldn’t take long to prepare, but you must ensure that you have enough time to prepare them in the morning. In any case, you must never skip a breakfast meal, as many health-related issues, like diabetes and obesity, are associated with skipping breakfast.

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