Braided Bread Basket Recipe


Since Easter Holidays are so close, we thought you are probably asking yourself already about what kind of culinary surprise you will prepare for all the loved ones. We think we found the perfect suggestion, since this gorgeous braided bread basket can also be made for depositing sweets or colored eggs for making a perfect gift when going at your friends house for a friendly holiday meal. The entire family will love this basket, plus it is perfect for any holiday dinner table.

You will need:
– 1 tsp of sugar;
– 1 tsp of salt;
– 1 egg;
– yeast;
– butter;
– water;
– flour.

Directions: In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, salt and yeast with water and half of beaten egg. Finally, add the butter and start mixing everything. Just like you probably know already, now you need to knead the dough, then cover it and leave to rise for at least half an hour. Afterwards, punch the dough down and leave it for another 10 minutes to rise. Now roll it out and stretch it for a 11×11 inch square and ⅛ thick, then cut into strips of ½ inch. Take a metal bowl and grease it a little bit. On a greased parchment paper, start weaving the strips into lattice design, then take the paper and transfer it on the bowl. Take the remaining strips and start molding them around the rim of your basket. When done, leave everything to rise for 35 more minutes. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. Brush the basket with the remaining beaten egg and put it into the oven for 20 minutes. After 15 minutes check everything and cover the basket with foil if it tends to get burned. Leave the basket to cool before removing it from the bowl. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: namiotle.

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    1. Hello, with Easter fast approach, can you please say what size of metal ball you have used? Many thanks, looks great

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