DIY Yarn Easter Eggs Tutorial

Easter is a wonderful holiday loved by everyone. I mean, it’s hard not to love a fun, laughter-filled holiday complete with sweet treats? An Easter decoration you shouldn’t be missing out this year, however, would be the DIY yarn Easter eggs proposed by WhatsUpMoms. Now, I know that the name itself does sound complicated. But the DIY decoration is nothing like it! Instead, you might have seen different versions of the craft on Pinterest, and this shows, that basically anyone can make them. And they’re not just easy to make, the yarn Easter eggs can also be used for many years to come since they’re pretty durable.

Photos: WhatsUpMoms

To start, let’s get these things ready:
– some water balloons;
– colored embroidery threads (more colors would be better!);
– liquid starch;
– all-purpose flour;
– a mixing bowl;
– a measuring cup;
– a disposable container.

Have you got them all prepared? Let’s start then! Here are some instructions and a video to see the procedure!

First, mix half a cup of flour with one cup of liquid starch. Whisk the mixture until all the lumps are gone. Pour the solution to a disposable container, and then dip the embroidery thread (one color at a time) around the edge of the container. In order to make sure that the thread doesn’t get tangled, choose an appropriately-sized container.

Next, blow the water balloons into perfectly-shaped eggs. Then, take the end of the dipped string and start wrapping it around the balloon. To avoid mess, place old newspaper around the bowl. When wrapping the thread around the balloon, be creative in criss-crossing and try to wrap it tightly to avoid loose pieces. If you want your eggs to be multi-colored, work on the same balloon with a different colored thread.

The final step would be drying them up. Hang it up so the ‘eggs’ don’t lose their shape. When the string is completely hard, you can start popping the balloons! Once you remove the balloon, your yarn eggs are ready to be used! They can be placed on a bowl, hung as garland, or bound together as a wreath. There are so many things you can work on using these yarn eggs!

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