Beautiful Collection for Summer by Diane von Furstenberg

Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Spring-Summer-2013-1 The Spring/Summer 2013 collection signed by the designer Diane von Furstenberg is called simply, but revealing “Palazzo”. The designer envisions a woman that becomes more mature, refined and is evolving with each experience of life, although she keeps in touch with her innocent, bohemian energy.

In this collection we can find items to please even the most exigent taste in clothing with pieces like light fashionable dresses, beautifully cut blouses and trousers. Adjusting to the warm summer days and nights, the fabrics used are Crêpe De Chine, silk jersey, chiffon in colours from neutral to vibrant red and green, also different shades of blue. For extra distinctive appearance and to complete the look were added bags, clutches, leather belts, matching sunglasses and high heels to the collection.


Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Spring-Summer-2013-4 Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Spring-Summer-2013-5 Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Spring-Summer-2013-10 Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Spring-Summer-2013-13 Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Spring-Summer-2013-14 Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Spring-Summer-2013-9 Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Spring-Summer-2013-7 Keep being AllDayChic!

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