Luxury Tropical Island Yacht Concept


The UK company, Yacht Island Design, put fantasy into a  long dreamed of project. What makes it so special and unique is the combination of a personal luxurious over sized yacht in a private tropical island, made out of steel and with measurements of 90 meters long, more than enough space for decorating a floating heaven. Although futuristic looking, this creature of the sea called “Tropical Island Paradise” gathers nature inspired elements such as bamboo huts, shielding palm trees, a flowing waterfall that leads into the pool and a mini volcano, to make sure they take things to the next level of a fabulous dreamland. For a more real looking scenario, in the back of the yacht is featured a retractable deck with the purpose of having a relaxing and amusing time spent on the moving island. The yacht has four VIP suites and, in addition to that, a gym and sauna for those who are passionate about fitness and want to keep in shape, a games room, a library for book readers and also a cinema. “Tropical Island Paradise” is a very appealing holiday idea, out of the ordinary, offering multiple entertaining choices. Enjoy!

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