Creative Ways to Store Your Clothes When Relocating

When relocating one of the hardest challenges is deciding how to move with all your clothing items in your closet. The main problem of moving clothes includes learning how to pack your clothes neatly without them getting any creases, making sure they remain clean and tidy while on the move. This can be a huge problem for some people and that’s one of the reasons they might hire professionals on this list to do the job for them.

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Although hiring a professional to do the work is the next best alternative, it’s always a good idea to pack your clothes, but you will need to put in some effort. In this article, we share a few tips to help you ensure your packing process goes fluid as possible while you relocate.

1. Move the dresser as it is don’t empty it

If you have light fabric items in your drawer, like underwear and stockings, it’s possible to move with them without emptying the content of your dresser. Ask the moving company you plan to use if it will allow you to move the dresser with clothing items in it.

Another option if you are going with this idea is to place your towels, pajamas, and clean sheets in drawers that are labeled so that you’re aware of where to get your clothing items once you settle into your new environment. This idea is suitable in particular if you are relocating within the same town or city. Just make sure the dresser is secured with a stretch wrap.

2. Use wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes

Wardrobe boxes are good for ensuring your clothes don’t get access to dust or dirt and any wrinkles. They are also simple to use, all you have to do is take hanging clothes from your closet and hang them on the metal rod located inside the wardrobe box. That’s it! This solution comes highly recommended if you want to avoid having to iron or dry clean all your clothes once they arrive.

3. Use suitcases to pack your clothes

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When relocating, if you are moving with travel bags to your new property think about packing clothes inside them. This will also help you locate where your clothing items are placed on the mover’s truck. Packing delicate and pricy items in a suitcase is also a good idea to secure their protection.

4. Use vacuum or dirt bags

Bags used to collect garbage can also be used to protect your clothes and prevent them from getting any form of dirt. All you need to do is place a hole at the bottom of the bag and take the hangers that have cloths through the space. Next, tie a knot at the bottom and make use of a twist-tie to keep the hangers in place and that’s it, you’re done.

Vacuum-sealed bags are more suitable because they can hold a larger quantity of clothes. Because the air is taken out, these bags can take less space because they shrink. This type of packaging is useful for clothes that are out of season because you’re able to directly transfer them into a storage facility in your new home.

5. Bundle clothes in sheets or plastic

Plastic wraps are similar to garbage bags however using them comes with the following perks:

  • They can be extended to the exact length of the clothes that you hang;
  • They don’t slip easily;
  • They can be utilized to protect the clothing items in your dresser.

The sheets can be used in very much the same way but the benefits they provide are not the same. Sheets are easier to use when packing because they are easy to carry and are not slippery.

To employ this method, you simply need to spread a sheet over your bed and put many layers of clothes on top of the sheet. Begin by placing larger clothing pieces until you complete the pile with smaller clothing items. Once done, you can wrap the sheets with the clothes in the center and tie a tight knot.

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Final words of advice

There exists many things you need to bear in mind when preparing to pack your clothes when relocating to prevent them from experiencing any damage. Additional things you must consider is not placing jewelry and clothes in the same package, if you do, your clothes run the risk of tearing.

Also, ensure your clothes are completely dry and clean when you put them away because wet or dirty clothes will cause mildew to build while moving and you will find that stains and odors you don’t like will transfer to your clothes. Packing your clothes doesn’t have to be a nightmare, simply follow these creative ideas and you will transition into your new home with ease.

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