7 Unexpected Pieces That Could Match Your Home Decor

Your home is the place where you spend time the most. It should be a comfortable place for you, and you should be satisfied with everything in it. Your home is also your safe space to freely express yourself and your sense of style, so it can feel more like you. From choosing the color of the walls to the little pieces you’ll add to spice things up, this all should be up to you.

If you are bored with all the usual decorations, you can add a few more pieces that would unexpectedly match your decor and give some of your vibe and style. Here is a list of pieces you could buy and add to your home decor.

1. Music Instrument

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If you are into singing, playing music, want your place to look like a music studio, or if you are interested in the music industry in general, this will help you in the decoration process. You can add an instrument in the middle of your living room so you can play whenever you feel like it.

Another option is to hang the instrument on the wall if it can be hung, like a guitar for example. Displaying the instruments this way will allow you to embrace the equipment you are playing or the one you like listening to. When it comes to the beauty of music, people think about the equipment it is coming from.

Good music comes from good instruments, so why not embrace them? Also, a thoughtfully designed instrument in your place will surely catch your visitors’ attention once they enter the area.

2. Vintage Clothes

If you are into vintage art, you do not need to look into expensive art to decorate your walls. You can turn one of your grandmother’s old vintage scarves into a creative work of art by framing them. The framed scarf will effortlessly give an artsy vintage aesthetic to your place. In addition, this will always remind you of your grandmother as it is a piece of her belongings that you can always see, so you could feel her presence in your place.

3. Kids’ Artwork

If you have kids and you like your place full of colorful decorations, you can use their drawings and artistic talents in decorating your home, they can help with the art pieces. Kids can get quite creative when it comes to drawing, so you can use your kids’ skills and keep their colorful pieces on display. Having their artworks on display will also give them a boost of confidence.

4. Crystals

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If you like the aesthetic of crystals in your design, it’s time to reintroduce yourself to these vibrant gems. Crystals have many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and having them in your place will give your soul a therapeutic feeling. First, you need to search which crystals you need and then go for a crystals buying spree. Whenever you are done with collecting them, gather them in a small bowl and place that bowl in the room where you mostly spend time.

5. Cinerary-urns

You need to decide whether you want to put it in a room that is frequently used by family members and visitors or a more private room where your deceased loved one used to enjoy spending time. Deciding with the design of the urn is also important, as cremation urns are available in a variety of materials and designs, so you should choose one that goes with the furnishings of the whole room. Another idea is that you could match the design on the urn to one of your loved one’s hobbies or personality traits.

6. Plants

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Some people want to decorate their place to make it feel like they are living in nature, and if you are one of them then having a lot of plants in your place will surely help you achieve that feeling. You could have a hanging herb garden in your kitchen, for example; they’ll not only brighten up the place but also bring fresh flavors to your cooking.

Moreover, if you have an empty space with a little green then a floor plant is the best approach. However, if you want that decor but taking care of plants is hard for you, it is advised that you would go for desert plants such as a cactus or a succulent plant, as they only need a small amount of sunlight and water.

7. Chalkboard Picture Fram

Younger people these days tend to decorate their homes with printed pictures of their favorite places and memories with their loved ones, making the environment of the place more loving and peaceful. In order to add your pictures to your walls, you will need a chalkboard Picture frame. This will help in hanging the picture altogether, securing their placement on the board’s surface and making the decoration look more proper and well arranged by having them collected in one place.

There is a variation of other unpredicted pieces you can use that would match your style of decoration. Although there are style selections that you can take as reference, adding these pieces in your home will allow you to have a unique decoration that differs you from others.

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