Types of Dresses Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

Types of Dresses Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

Dresses are a statement of femininity and every woman should own at least a few that can save her from any emergency occasion. Either you are going to a wedding, a cocktail, your best friends party or just for shopping, we will show you a guide for dresses you have to have in your wardrobe.

1. Sundress – perfect for when you are in a rush and you want to quickly put something on you. Pick a color that you can wear by day and a material that cools you down like cotton.

2. Little black dress – this is the biggest must have of all, you can wear it almost everywhere and it can save you from the most critical occasions. It’s great for business events and also for saturday night parties. Pick something that enhance your body features and it is still classy in the same time, something that doesn’t show too much, just as much as needed.

3. Bold print maxi dress – great to be worn with wedges in summer, or for a comfy look wear it with sandals and a denim jacket. Doesn’t matter if you are skinny or not, you can wear this type of dress not thinking of your body shape.

4. Sheath dress – great for going to work as it doesn’t show too much skin and in the same time it is still feminine. Wear it with a blazer or an elegant jacket and don’t forget about high heels.

5. Formal gown – for events that are not happening every day, in a color that is complimenting your skin color and features. It’s very elegant and classy.

6. Floral dress – perfect for warm days, tea parties or brunches. It can be accessorized perfectly with a hat when it’s sunny outside.

7. Wrap dress – it is accentuating the waist in a beautiful way, it’s very popular among young women, perfect for traveling or summer picnics.

8. Peplum dress – very popular lately, it creates a two pieces effect and it’s great to be worn at work with a blazer and some low sole shoes.

9. Little white dress – must have in summer months because it looks amazing on a tanned skin and because it can be accessorized with all jewelry colors.

10. Lace dress – elegant and seductive, the type that is very “lady” like. Can be accessorized with pearls and don’t forget the red lips.

11. Cutout dresses – one of the most popular trends lately, very youth looking and provocative. They are designed for emphasizing either the waist or bones of the person wearing them.

12. Shirt dress – comfortable and easy to wear, great for long walks and shopping days, easy to get in it and easy to take it off. If you feel it is too large for you, it can be worn with a belt on the waistline. It’s great to have shirt dresses in many colors and wear the one you like depending on your mood.

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