A Twist in Time – Bohemian Hairdo Idea

Don’t you just love your long hair; the elegant way it frames your face, with waves cascading down your shoulders, an ode to femininity… . When you have hair that long, you are automatically gifted with a variety of looks that you can pull off; the chic way in which you can wrap it around for a professional look, the casual way in which you can let them loose, the sweet way in which you can pony or bun it up, oh there are just so many ways to play with your tresses! And here is one bohemian hairstyle which is easy, totally fuss-free, and that you can team up with a summer skirt or a stylish winter overcoat!

A Twist in Time – Bohemian Hairdo Idea

How to do it:
1. Make 4-6 sections of your hair, separating each section.
2. Twist two sections into mini-bun and secure with bobby pins, slightly above the nape of your neck.
3. Remember to start from the outermost sections, so that you can fill in any gaps later.
4. A loose strand here and there looks pretty, but don’t overdo it, as it can give a rather messy look too! So pin away those extra loose strands.
5. You won’t believe it, but you are done already!
6. For transforming into a complete enchantress, you could throw in some pretty trinkets between the buns!

A style to rock through all seasons, this one is sure to grab eyeballs wherever you go!


Image: abeautifulmess.

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