Rustic Charm of Lugar do Cotariño

Spanish-Pittoresque-Village For all you travel-lovers, your trip to Spain is not complete unless you have spent a few days basking in the rustic charm of Lugar do Cotariño! Tucked away in Costa Da Morte, in a tiny lush green village of Galicia, is this dream-world. This hotel is actually a historical building that has been restored by its owners. It therefore has a cozy home-like feeling to it, rather than the sterile harshness of a typical hotel.

You seem to enter into a time warp as soon as you pass by its stone walls and wood panelled ceilings.  A place where you can unwind and escape from your daily monotonous routines, this place is perfect to relax and re-engage with yourself.

The hotel is made entirely of stone and is furnished beautifully with simple, elegant yet classy furniture. It brings forth the local rustic charm of the village, yet is complete with all modern amenities.

Of what use is a travel trip to an exotic location, without actually getting a chance to live the traditional local experience? This is why, Lugar do Cotariño should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list when you travel to Spain!

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