The Right Neckline for Your Hairstyle

How often do you pick a dress while thinking about whether it will match your hair? If it has the right neckline for your hair? Maybe, not often. When choosing what dress to wear, we tend to think about the color or the pattern. We might want to wear similarly colored shoes or bags. But the neckline? And how it matches your hair? How important is it, really, to take those two into consideration?

Well, upon examination, there’s more to it than we realize. You might notice that if two people were to wear the same dress, but got their hair styled differently, it would affect the overall look of the wearer.

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1. Take a V-neck dress for example

V-necks are popular because it gives the illusion of a long neck and a slim face. This way, those who have large-curls or thrown-back hair don’t have to worry about looking plump. A loose ponytail would also be as appealing.

2. Next, we have a strapless dress

With no neckline, what hairstyle would fit it? If the event calls for formal wear, you might want to let your hair down and slightly curled on the edges. This allows you to wear the dress with full confidence, without having to worry about being too eye-grabbing.

3. Retro items back in style

As some retro items are going back in style, you might also notice that ‘boat-necked’ dresses are making their comeback. And what kind of hairstyle goes best with it? Undoubtedly, retro hairstyles! We’re talking about braids, a low knot, and of course, the ‘kiss curl’.

4. Open shoulder dresses

It’s recommended that you style your hair into a neat updo with a hairband, or a side ponytail – if you want to have it lowered down.

5. Turtlenecks

You would want to keep your hair up, whether in a bun or a high ponytail, to keep the overall look from looking stuffy.

6. Round neck wear

Likewise, when wearing a round neck dress, you would want to choose between short hair with lots of layers, or long, tied hair.

7. Halter-neck dresses

These are very popular among petite women because it can give the illusion of a longer neck and a better proportion. To add up to that, put your hair up to a high knot or cut it short.

8. Rectangular necklines

Choose long, side-parting hair, a bob cut as the popular hairstyle from the 90’s, or a slick combed-back hair.

9. Asymmetrical neckline

This goes well with an asymmetrical cut, side-swept hair, or a side bun.

10. Draped neckline

The draped neckline should be paired with a French updo, plaited ponytail, or twisted-up locks for the best results.

Pairing your dress with your hair requires a bit more thinking (and perhaps, some more trial-and-error), but it’s going to spice up your look!

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