Super Mario Hair Art Does Exist-And it’s Beautiful

Balayage, rainbow hair, and recently, graffiti hair have colored these years…quite literally. While you can always stick to boring, safe hairstyle, where’s the fun in that? If you’re looking for a head-turning hairstyle that’s anything but boring, we’ve got you covered. Better, we have a hairstyle that relives the icon of the 1980s, Super Mario. Patches on jackets, handbags, or sweatshirts that feature 1980s nostalgia are no longer new items.

X-presion Creativos, a group based in Madrid, Spain successfully incorporated this game character into a hair dye, and it’s astoundingly beautiful.

At first glance, the hairstyle shows nothing but a mix of different colors all over the place. But once the hair is styled flat and is idle, you can clearly see two Mario figures in the 8-bit version “printed” on the hair.


X-presion Creativos’ is definitely not new when it comes to creative hairdo. They also blew minds with pixelated hair color technique that results in eye-popping graphic design. They made it again into the headline with pixel-Mario which they launched in Tokyo, Japan through a hair conference. The unique design took around a week to be done, and it’s their way to “honor video game culture that framed our childhood.” It’s hard to argue with this statement, since Mario is not just any outdated game character you’ll soon forget; the plumbing game character is an icon of childhood fun.

Much hard work was poured into the project. The technique used is very much like how an architect work, or layering on Adobe Photoshop. Their hard work certainly didn’t go to waste judging by how this hair art managed to gather overwhelming interest from onlookers.

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