Stylish Blouse – DIY

Stylish Blouse - DIY

There are lots of stylish blouses to buy, but have you thought to create your own shirt and be fashionable? Here is an example. It will definitely inspire you.

You will need:

– thin and elastic fabric (cotton material is not recommended because is not flexible enough).
– sewing machine;
– scissors.

The blouse is made from 2 pieces: top and girdle. Make the measurements according to your sizes and start with the top part. Check out the drawing and the pictures below. The images will give you an idea about how to cut the material and sew it. Enjoy!

Stylish Blouse - DIY (2) Stylish Blouse - DIY (3) Stylish Blouse - DIY (4) Stylish Blouse - DIY (5)

After cutting, mark 8 folds.

Stylish Blouse - DIY (6)

Overcast your fabric if necessary. Some materials do not need .

Fix your 8 folds. Orient them inward with an iron.

Stylish Blouse - DIY (7)

Assembly of the 2 parts.

Stylish Blouse - DIY (8)

Keep being AllDayChic!

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    1. It’s there. Just click onto ‘Read.’ It’s in French and therefore centimeters but easy to convert. It is easy to sew!

  1. Love this, too, and plan to make it in a cobalt blue poly knit jersey. The photos don’t show the short curved “side seams” being sewn. Should they be? Also, it should be noted that you need something like a cami under this top – or you’ll expose yourself when you raise your arms!
    The pattern is there – in French and in cm. I did a rough conversion since the design is very forgiving.

  2. Super pattern thank you. Wore mine this morning and immediately had compliments. Did mine in midnight blue viscose jersey. The neckline was deeper than in the picture so next time I will go for more of a boat neck.

  3. I question the part about the bottom of the top (where the pleats are) says 60 cm. then you sew it to a piece that says 79cm.? Am I to gather the 79cm. piece to fit?

  4. I think that 60cm is for both the front and back totalling 120cm and the band is 79cm in total therefore once you have sewn the pleats and side seams, you stretch the band a little to fit the top. Best to try out first!

  5. It looks like there is one 70cm piece for the “waist” portion, then the actual top has a front and back that each measure 60cm. The folds that are put in the bottom of the blouse should in theory reduce the total measurement to fit the waist band when put it onto the shirt. Does that make sense? Also stretch the band to fit the shirt as you sew, it gives that tighter fit! I hope I am right in my theory on this as I have not made this actual shirt.

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