Starting Your Own Skincare Line as a Student

Megan Cox was an MIT student when she launched her first eCommerce store Amalie Beauty. In a matter of three years, she was able to create six-figure sales, impressive press coverage, and a long array of must-have products.

Megan is only one of the many who managed to succeed in the beauty industry as an entrepreneur while being a student. In this article, we have put together some useful tips that can be valuable lessons for students who want to launch their own skincare line.

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1. Don’t Hesitate to Get Help

Needless to say, getting into business while being a student is no easy undertaking. You will be required to keep up with the demands of your academic life while finding sufficient time to dedicate to building your brand. Even if you think you can do it all, there will be times you wish for more than 24 hours a day.

Therefore, all those entrepreneurs who came before you recommend that you be willing to make compromises. In other words, you might need to seek some extra assistance, sometimes for classwork, other times for your business.

For example, you can get efficient college essay help within a turnaround time of six hours. Meaning, you will be able to meet a deadline overnight without having to cram all night. So, as it goes, when striving to balance studies and career, there is nothing wrong with getting some extra hands on the deck.

2. Do Your Research

Wishing to start a skincare line is one thing, and doing it is another. Before you can start, you should familiarize yourself with the existing market and scope for your products. For instance, if you are focusing on organic products, you will first need to understand the requirements to be categorized as organic. Then research what kind of consumers you will be targeting.

Above all, you will need to figure out what your value proposition is. In other words, what is the unique aspect that you are bringing to market? Why should anyone buy your products, especially when there are dozens of other skincare lines available?

3. Take Advantage of Campus Resources

There is no doubt that a bit of background in chemistry or a related subject can come in handy for starting a skincare line. However, these days, it is not entirely necessary. The internet can provide you with a lot of valuable information; you just need to know where to look.

Being a student is helpful in this situation. You have access to resources, and if possible, to consult expert professors. You can even find mentors from the business department who can guide you through the process. Moreover, most colleges these days also have curated programs for entrepreneurs. They can help you get more opportunities by networking and finding new ventures.

4. Get Feedback

Another crucial part that you have to do is get feedback on your product. Again, being a student can be helpful. You can find a focus group to test your products, what they would want you to improve, and why. Testing on a small scale will help you sort out the main problems before you try them out at a larger market.

5. Get Started by Registering your Business

You do not need tens of thousands of dollars to get started with your business. In fact, Megan Cox made an investment of nearly $2,000 to take the first step. But you do need to secure your idea first. So before sending out the very first packet with your brand name or logo, make sure that you register your business and secure insurance.

You will have to find an accountant and lawyer for this to help you navigate this world. Even if you are on a budget, it would be helpful to get a firsthand professional opinion.

6. Focus on Scalable Foundations

Remember that every step you take builds a foundation to expanding your business in the future. So if you leave by putting everything off for tomorrow, you might want to shift your approach. Instead, be it the web hosting platform that you choose or figuring out your logo, think about how these will evolve as you scale up your business.

For example, you might be manufacturing skincare products at your home at first. But you might have to think about moving it to a sterile room, which can be a crucial factor when your business grows.

Additionally, you will also need to avoid personalized packaging, as it can be a challenge to keep up when there are more orders (unless, of course, this is part of your unique selling point).

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7. Start Developing your Brand Marketing

Since you already have the idea of building your own skincare line, it would be a good idea to get started with marketing right away. You do not necessarily need the name yet, but you can start establishing yourself as a trusted expert in the beauty industry. Plus, you need to find a way to connect with your audience to get trust.

In other words, you can try reviewing other products and build an engaging group of audience. Eventually, this will help you build a foundation of users who are interested in your opinions. It would be easier for you to start from level 1 on your marketing strategy than from zero.

8. Do Competitive Analysis

No, this is not a fancy keyword that concerns only industry giants. Once you enter the market, you need to be aware of what others are offering and how it compares to your product. This is not only crucial for improving your sales strategy but also for evolving your products.

The trends in the skincare industry are changing rapidly, and you will need to stay ahead of them.

9. Be on the Frontline

Remember, it is your brand, and it is your company. This means that it is your responsibility to personally deal with both the good and the bad. As such, make sure that you represent yourself for meetings, calls, and, if possible, for every step along the way.

In fact, it is now common for young entrepreneurs to work with manufacturers across the globe to develop the products. In such cases, your brand will look better if you’re involved in all the steps.

10. Be Ready to Hustle

There is no point in sugar-coating the facts associated with being an entrepreneur. You are going to face an uphill of challenges, coming at you one after the other. Sometimes, your business might not perform as well as you thought it would.

Other times, it might exceed your expectations, which could bring in new challenges for logistics, communication, and, more importantly, lack of time. Many times, you will have to get whatever help is available from your family, friends, and others who are there to support you.

But, ultimately, remember that this is not an insurmountable task. It is indeed [possible for you to launch a successful skincare line while being a student. This might require you to juggle your work and priorities, but at the end of the day, it will be well worth the hustle.

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