6 Tips to Help You Get Your Patio Ready For Spring Entertaining

Spring is almost here and you can’t wait to have your first patio party of the year. The smell of fresh-cut grass mixed with daffodils, the soft, dewy air, and the first songs of birds and crickets are calling to you. You need to get your patio ready!

You’ve got cleaning to do, and maybe some shopping for patio furniture sets before you’re ready to invite the neighbors over for an evening game of patio Parcheesi.

You probably haven’t even visited your patio since the weather first turned cold, except maybe to grill some steaks on the occasional unseasonably warm day. You need to freshen everything up and get it ready for entertaining, and this list will help you get organized with everything you need to make this the best patio season yet.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

The first step is to clear off all the debris that has accumulated on your patio all winter long. Even if you cleaned off your patio just before the first snow, leaves, twigs, and general grime sets in pretty quickly in every corner and on your patio furniture set.

Get the broom out and start sweeping. Sweep off the furniture, the floors, and clean out the inside of your grill. Get the hose out and spray everything down to get the layer of winter grime off. If your patio is made of stone, clean any grout that may need it.

If you have a deck, get the wood extra clean so it doesn’t get slippery in the spring rain.

Once everything is sprayed down and the leaves from last autumn are swept away, take a minute to step back and evaluate. Take a look at what is still in good shape, what needs to be replaced, and what you could add to update your patio and freshen up the look for this year’s season.

2. Fresh Paint

One of the simplest ways to brighten your patio is to slather on a fresh coat of paint or stain for all things made of wood, including your deck. Maybe it is time to try a trendy new color to add some new flair to your patio entertaining.

Whatever you choose, new paint will go a long way in making things seem completely redone.

If your patio furniture set is made of wood and still in good shape, fresh paint can make it feel brand new again, but you may want to consider that patio furniture sets are usually pretty reasonably-priced around this time of year.

3. Install Screening

You may really like the smell of Citronella, but fighting the mosquitos all summer long has never been your picture of the ideal evening. Now is the time to install some screening to keep all the nasty biting bugs, flies, and moths out, so you can enjoy your summer evening picnic without all the buzzing and biting.

4. Install Lights

Fresh lighting can add an element of ambiance that may have been missing from previous years. Even a simple string of lights can help create some special magic after sunset on your patio. Hang lights or install new fixtures so you never have to be in the dark, and you can enjoy every hour of twilight on your patio that time allows.

5. Add Some Greenery

You love being outside and enjoying nature, so why not bring a little greenery onto your patio so it’s even more up close? Plants are an excellent addition to your patio ambiance, and since they are outside, you have more options than just the traditional houseplant. You could get some large ferns or even climbing vines or roses to set the mood for vibrant summer gatherings or quiet, fragrant evenings.

6. Evaluate Your Patio Furniture Set

Patio furniture sets are often the heart of any patio arrangement, and new products are always coming out. New waterproof fabrics make your patio feel just as much like a living room as your indoor loveseat and sofa. Dining room sets, seating sets, and outdoor heaters make it just as cozy outside as in, even keeping you warm on chilly nights.

In addition to patio furniture sets containing all the furniture you could ask for, there are fire pits that can add a special ambiance and glow that will have you out on your patio making s’mores every evening of spring, summer, and autumn. You may even enjoy your patio so much this year, that you don’t want to turn in for winter.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to get your patio ready for a great season full of grilling, parties, laughter, and fun. When the sun sets, turn on your twinkle lights, start a fire, and enjoy everything spring and summer have to offer on your freshly redone patio this season.

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash.

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