Skincare Routine Break is Necessary – Find Out Why

We all love getting ourselves pampered. And who doesn’t feel good after applying a nice skincare product and see an immediate result? However, do you know that you need to take a skincare routine break? You might be puzzled. After all, a makeup break – it’s when you stop putting on any makeup for a while – is nothing new, but a skincare break? Isn’t it going to damage your skin?

No, we are not making it up. We all know that makeup tips include also cleaning your face/skin before going to bed. This is necessarily in order to let your skin renew itself while you sleep. Nevertheless, you would be surprised to know that taking a break from any skincare product – and this includes moisturizers, exfoliators, face masks, serums, and toners – is actually recommended by dermatologists. There are some convincing reasons why. Let’s go through them.

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1. Your skin care product is actually depriving your skin of oxygen

It’s not rocket science – the more product you apply, the less oxygen will be able to get to your skin. Without skincare products on, your skin would be able to regenerate elastin and collagen – keeping your skin tight and bright.

2. No moisturizer? No problem!

One of the most basic skincare products we all know and love would be the moisturizer. But your skin produces natural moisturizers on a daily basis. Known as sebum, this ‘oily’ substance keeps your skin moisturized. When you apply moisturizing products, though, your skin misinterprets it as a ‘stop-producing-sebum’ sign, and thus, makes your skin dry and dull.

However, if you choose to cut down any skincare product, it’s recommended that you apply moisturizer once every two days.

3. It’s not you, it’s the product

Finding the right skincare product can be harder than finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. You might have ventured to all sorts of brands – named brands, local brands, ‘all-natural’ brands – but nothing seems to work. We’ve all been there. It can actually be frustrating, especially if you notice those brands seem to work on everyone else, but you.

Want to hear good news, though? It might not be your fault! Some products can irritate sensitive skin, or even your skin, without you knowing it! It is still important to wash your face twice a day, but try skipping skincare products afterward.

However, if you have certain skin conditions such as severe acne or eczema, it is not recommended to stop using your prescribed skincare product.

4. Less product, less spending

Well, it is a valid reason. Skin products can be quite pricey, so if your skin is doing fine (not dry, no breakouts, no irritation or redness, no itches) even after you stop applying skincare products, there’s no need to splurge on them.

Again, if your skin shows apparent problems over time, it is best to consult a dermatologist so that you can find a product that works for you.

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