4 Ways To Sell Your Luxury Home Faster

Selling your home for a great price is often a tricky proposition, but there are other matters to consider when you try to sell a luxury home. If you own a high-end property, it would be wise to keep the following quartet of tips in mind if you hope to sell your home quickly and at the best price.

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1. Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

The luxury home market is a specialized niche, so you probably should select a real estate agent who has a proven record of selling high-end homes for good prices. In addition, the agent should have years of experience marketing to luxury home buyers and sellers, and know how to get as many prospective purchasers interested in your listing as possible.

To find the right luxury home Realtor, ask your family and friends whether they know agents who have sold luxury homes successfully in your city. Then ask those contacts to refer the agent to you.

Even if you find the Realtor isn’t right for you, he or she might be able to refer you to someone who is.

If you don’t know anyone who’s sold a luxury home, that’s all right. Search social media sites for groups that cater to luxury home buyers and sellers.

2. Know The Market

The luxury real estate market is different from the rest. It’s estimated that a luxury home spends about 55 days on the market, compared to less expensive properties that last about 30 days before they sell in the current market.

Luxury homes also can suffer substantial price drops if they take too long to sell. For example, the rapper in Los Angeles known as Dr. Dre sold his luxury home last year for $4.5 million, but he had to drop the asking price by $1 million to get it sold within a reasonable time.

Luxury home buyers usually have strong and particular tastes, so you should market your home to them by being specific in your approach. Your agent should provide as much detail about the features and appointments in the house as possible, and high-quality images and videos of every room are a must.

It’s been estimated that offering high-quality photos that tell a story about your home can sell it 30% faster, so make sure your agent makes the appropriate effort to get and circulate fantastic images.

3. Consider Creating a One-Property Website

If you own a luxury home and want the best price when you sell, you should consider hiring a real estate agent who can create a single website to sell the property. Remember that people who buy luxury properties pay massive commissions, so they are accustomed to being catered to as much as possible.

Your agent can create a real-estate website that shows off your home in such a way that you can share every detail of the structure and landscape that will appeal to a high-end buyer.

Your agent can probably use drones to capture fantastic property views that are more likely to attract the most discriminating buyers. If you capture their imaginations with your luxury home, they will be more likely to pay top price.

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4. Hire an Outstanding Copywriter

Many luxury home sellers use videos, images, and a professional stager to sell the property, but you shouldn’t forget about copywriting.

Luxury real estate copywriters understand that people make buying decisions based on their emotions, then support them with reasons. These writers will know how to write about your luxury home in a way that appeals to high net-worth buyers and triggers their buying instinct.

Remember, there are many copywriters out there, so you might review the writer’s previous luxury home content carefully, so you can bring in the best person to tell the home’s story today.

Combining all of the above can sell your luxury home faster than others and get the best price.

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