Simple Kitchen Decor And Renovations That Don’t Break The Bank

Around 56% of homeowners in Canada are planning on renovating their homes this year, according to CIBC’s Home Renovation Poll. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably already started building an enticing living space. It wouldn’t be surprising if you’re targeting the kitchen next — an endeavor that can be quite financially heavy. That being said, how can you refresh and renew your kitchen without breaking the bank?

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Try Open Shelving

50% of Canadian homeowners admit to exceeding their home renovation budget. It’s a good thing that kitchen upgrades and decor have budget-friendly options. For example, if you think your kitchen cupboards look tired, you can refresh them by taking out the doors. Open shelving increases storage options and makes your kitchen seem brighter and more open. It’s also an excellent way to showcase any dishes you’re particularly proud of. This kitchen upgrade is simple, and removing shelf doors doesn’t really cost you money.

Add Modern Appliances

When it comes to renovating or upgrading your kitchen, your appliances are something that it’s okay to splurge on. The right type of kitchen appliances — like an energy-efficient fridge — cuts down on your energy bills and adds value to your house, says Bryan Baeumler of House of Bryan. Most modern appliances come in varying styles, so you can pick one that enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic. Putting in new appliances needs to be handled delicately to avoid any damages to your kitchen. A good way to achieve peace of mind is to check if you’ve got a home warranty offering you protection. The right home warranty plan can spare you from finding yourself out of pocket to address unforeseen repair bills.

Light It Up

A kitchen is all about atmosphere, and lighting goes a long way to enhance or detract from that atmosphere. So if you’re seeking a stylish yet thrifty way to redecorate your kitchen, tapping into lighting is a smart move. You can choose to go with ambient lighting through flush mount lighting fixtures. If you want to put an accent on your new appliances, cabinets or counters, you can opt for toe kick lights. Not fond of shadows under cupboards? Puck lights are an inexpensive and stylish way to illuminate the space between cupboards and counters.

Your planned kitchen improvements should enhance your life, so you should do whatever it takes to make sure that your finances are shielded properly. That way, you can enjoy your sparkly new surroundings and not have any dark financial clouds hanging over your head.

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