8 DIY Tips for Staging Your Home When It’s Time to Sell

A well-staged home typically sells faster and for more than a home that’s left as-is. As reported by Green Residential, a premier real estate firm in Houston, homes that are staged sell 73 percent faster than homes of similar value that were not staged. Hiring a stager before a home hits the market is ideal. However, their rates are beyond what many homeowners are willing to pay—it can cost over $2,000 for a single staging session!

The good news is, if you have an eye for design and aren’t afraid of a little hard work, you can do some of the staging yourself. Follow these DIY staging tips to help your home sell quickly:

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1. Make Minor Repairs

When homebuyers walk through a home with obvious problems, even though they’re minor, they may automatically assume the home is a money pit. It can raise serious concerns that prevent you from receiving offers.

Remove this risk of buyer hesitation by making simple repairs here and there. Leaky faucets, clogged gutters, missing grout, chipped tiles, and other minor problems can be affordably fixed and increase the appeal of the home.

2. Include Art

Most homeowners fill their homes with personalized photos and sayings that are meaningful to them. When you’re trying to impress buyers, remove the personal pieces and add tasteful, non-offensive art instead.

Many potential homebuyers have a difficult time picturing themselves in a home filled with others’ personal effects—simple artwork makes all the difference.

3. Add Pops of Color

Neutral wall colors are best for walk-throughs as they appeal to a broader audience. However, you don’t want it devoid of color. Add small pops of color here and there to liven it up. Bright throw pillows, artwork, rugs, and table settings make a beautiful addition to your home staging.

4. Rearrange Furniture

A simple metric of good design is functional space planning. Walkways should be wide and easy to navigate. You may need to rearrange the furniture to achieve this, and it might mean turning the furniture away from the television.

Staging is all about making things look good and making it easy to navigate the space–it doesn’t have to be purely about comfort.

5. Pay Attention to Smell

Every home has a certain smell that can permeate everything in the home. Those who live there get used to it and may not notice its presence. However, it can be a huge turnoff for potential homebuyers since, next to sight, smell is the most prominent sense.

If you have a funny smell in your home, don’t try to cover it with scented candles and incense, as this can make it worse. Instead, treat it by removing anything that might be contributing to a negative smell. Odor eaters like Febreze can also eliminate the smell and make it a welcoming environment.

6. Flip Through Décor Magazines

It’s easier to imagine the style you want in your home by gathering inspiration. Look through decor magazines, websites, Pinterest pages, and social media profiles to develop ideas you like most. From there, you can find ways to affordably implement your ideas for a successfully-staged property.

7. Have It Professionally Cleaned

While working on staging and selling your home, you probably don’t have time to thoroughly clean the place. A well-staged home is clean in places you may not have considered, like baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, appliances, etc. A professional will not only remove the burden of cleaning from your list of responsibilities but also attend to areas that might otherwise get overlooked.

8. Highlight the Best Areas of the Home

No home is perfect, but there must be a few great features about your home. Redirect attention from the least appealing part of your home by highlighting the best areas. For example, your fireplace can become a focal point with furniture arranged around it, artwork on the mantle, and a cozy flame burning. That way, they won’t see the small hole in the carpet a few feet away.

These are simple but profound ways to develop a well-staged home with the potential to sell quicker and for more than the typical property. Anyone can implement them with the right tools and an eye for good design.

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