Upcycling Jeans Into a Handbag

Recycle an Old pair of Jeans into a Chic Tote

Don’t know what to do with the old jeans that you don’t wear anymore? Here is a sweet idea: a denim handbag inspired by P-Dit.

You will need:

– a pair of jeans;
– scissors;
– sewing machine;
– sewing thread and needle;
– pins;
– fabric.

How to make:

First, get an old pair of jeans and cut off the legs just below the pockets. Once you have the fabric you want for making your denim tote bag, cut a strip that will fit the bottom of your jeans you just cut. Sew the strip seam down. This is going to be the bottom of your bag. To the upper side you need to sew fabric and zipper. This will help you to secure the things inside the bag, by closing it. Now, make 2 handles for your bag using jeans material strips wrapped in fabric. Pin and stitch the handles to each side of your bag. After that, your denim handbag is done.

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