Natural Room Scents – DIY

Natural Room Scents - DIY (2)

Do you like it when your house smells nice all the time? All those chemical based scents are not the best for our health. Breathing them to often can affect our respiratory system and knowing this, are there actually natural alternatives for that? Of course there are and they are very easy to make. Besides the smell benefits they bring, they also look great and can be successfully used as table centerpieces.

You will need:
– jars;
– fruits (of your choice);
– floating candles;
– cinnamon sticks;
– pine branches and herbs;
– water.

Directions: Take the fruits, slice them and put them into the jars in whatever combination you like (cinnamon and oranges, lemon and herbs, etc.), or you can just leave them as they are without mixing and do individual scents. Fill the jars with water but don’t fill them to the top. Seal with a lid and put into fridge for 2 weeks. Take them out, unseal and put the floating candles in them and there you have your awesomely scented centerpieces!


Photo courtesy: theyummylife.

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