Messy Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

This messy bun hairstyle tutorial goes perfectly for girls with long hair, simply because it requires knotting different hair strands. Sounds weird, but it is very creative and the look so exciting! If you have natural curly hair then it’s better! The messy bun will fit you excellently. Prepare some bobby pins and start right away.


1. Split your hair into four strands ( first, all of your hair into two, then each half into another two strands).

2. Take the strands from the back and knot them. Make as many knots as your hair allows then secure them with bobby pins.

3. Take small strands from the ones left besides and knot them one by one, then secure with bobby pins.

Basically this is everything you have to do and you can make the knots as you wish. The great thing about this messy bun hairstyle is that you can make it at the back, on the sides, even in top of your head (if you secure it well). The principles are the same. You can see the end results in the pictures below!

Keep in mind that the key to any great hairstyle is to ensure your hair is properly cared for. This all starts with the right shampoo for your hair. Look for one that is natural, free of sulfates and sulfites, and is built for your specific hair type.

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Photo courtesy: marieclaire.

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  1. Cute, but don’t try this if you have super long hair! My hair is to my hips and trying this resulted in a tangled mess, not a cute updo!

  2. Love the messy bun…. I’m going to try it on myself wish me luck… GREAT PICS OF THE STEPS…
    PS what app do you use to show The 1234567 plus steps .. I can’t seem to find one with as many steps as yours… I would greatly appreciate you sharing that app information…

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