6 Ways To Maintain Youth And Vibrance

Beauty regimes seem to go in and out of fashion so quickly you almost don’t have time to see the effects on them. And always, it seems to be that the new trend is adamantly against the old trend. The following will explore several things people can do to keep their face (and whole-body) looking and feeling young and vibrant.

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1. Get Enough Sleep

You’ve heard this one before, and you’re going to keep hearing it until you die because sleep is crucial for every aspect of your health and wellbeing and has a tremendous impact on your appearance. It influences your hormones (which affect your appetite, food cravings, energy levels, mood, skin texture, and the appearance of dark circles on your eyes).

In 1910, the average American was getting nine hours of sleep each night. In 2013, the average was 6.8 hours. Sleep helps your body heal and rejuvenate itself, and you can bet that years of being sleep-deprived will take their toll as this actually means years of your body not fully recovering from the day.

2. Drink Water

Hydration is also crucial for skin health (and all other aspects of your health too). It helps keep your skin clear and prevents some types of redness, dryness, and flaking. Glowing skin always starts with water, and nothing screams young and vibrant like glowing skin.

3. Work With The Beauty Treatments That Call To You

We spend far too much of our time caring about what other humans think. It doesn’t matter, and we know it doesn’t matter. However, the need to impress can still sneak up on us if we’re not careful. Skip all those steps and use your instincts to guide you towards beauty treatments that are right for you. D

o you think blue hair looks sweet? Dye your hair blue. Love the Miami look and feel desperate to perk up the skin under your brows? Seek out a Miami botox specialist. The point is: life is too short to make beauty decisions based on someone else. Let your intuition pull you towards beauty treatments.

This works in reverse as well. “If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it”. You don’t like the way your nails smell when you’ve got polish on them? Don’t wear it. Hate taming your hair? Don’t. Makeup makes your skin itch? Stop wearing it. Again, life is short. Don’t waste hours on stupid things like other people’s opinions.

4. Do More Of What Makes You Feel Good

Audrey Hepburn said the best beauty secret was smiling, and maybe she was on to something. It turns out that a person’s mood and energy have a big impact on how they visually appear to other people. If you fill your life with things that bring you joy, your stress levels will go down (which also impacts beauty), and your energy will be more vivacious.

It’s crucial to point out that this is a process that actually takes years to master. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t figure it out right away; more so, focus on getting a little more joy in your days in small ways like practicing gratitude and paying attention to how you feel when performing certain activities. Slowly look for ways to increase these joyful behaviors in your day.

5. Sleep On Your Back

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This is a super odd point, but those who’ve adjusted to it are beyond pleased with the results. Wrinkles and other skin creases come from a lifetime of gravity and smooshed pillow faces. Combat this and get in the habit of sleeping on your back (it’s great for your posture too). This way, gravity is pushing your skin exactly where it should be for about a third of your life.

This can also help prevent super odd wrinkles caused by pressing your face into your pillow repeatedly for years on end.

6. Eat Better

You know you need more veggies and less white carbohydrates. You know you need more healthy fats and less sugar. This isn’t new information, but it can be overwhelming to try and shift your entire diet. Don’t aim to eat perfectly; just aim to eat better. If you can get a handful more leafy greens per week, that’s fantastic!

If you can skip the sugary drink twice a week at lunch, great! Look for ways to include more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods and accept that your health journey is part of a process.

The above tips should help you keep your appearance youthful and energized. You may have noticed the association between common health advice and beauty advice. Healthy faces are beautiful faces; that’s how it works. You might also have noticed that an anti-stress approach is emphasized. Do what you can, when you can, and let the rest go.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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