Lamp Made from Lace – DIY

Lamp Made from Lace - DIY

Make a beautiful lace lamp in no time by using a few materials. The lamp will amaze your guests and will give a chic look to every girls room. You will need: 1 huge balloon ( buy a few more for just in case), lace, wallpaper glue and a basic lighting kit. Now, take the lace pieces and paint them with lots of wallpaper glue until you feel they are soaked in it. Hang the balloon on a string and add the soaked lace pieces to it. Make sure they are overlapping each other so they can stay connected. After you have done this, add an extra layer of glue to the lace and then let it dry. The best thing to do is to let it dry overnight.

Pop the balloon and attach a nice cord to it. To insert the bulb inside you just cut a small tear on the top of it, insert the bulb and then sew the piece back. Use a LED light for maximum security, they are very cold and won’t affect the lamp. You are done and can start enjoying it!

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Photo courtesy: dosfamily.

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