Super Practical Triple Hammock is Perfect for Your Summer Vacation


Having guests over can be quite fun; especially if your friends and family members come to visit. To ensure that you spend your vacation happily, this triple hammock can be a great idea.

Forget your traditional, one-man hammock! Taking turns can cause a rift, especially if it’s between the younger ones. The triple hammock provides lasting fun that will make you wish summer was all year long. Gilbert Tourville, the founder and the designer, was inspired by “the current trend toward making the outdoors a community living space.”

Known better as Trinity Hammocks, the hammocks feature a stainless steel tubular structure that suspends three hammocks and a small teak table in the center. The furniture is all weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it dry when rain falls. The sets are also easy to take apart for storage; in case you want to store it during winter or other seasons. It’s perfect for both backyard and the beach; extremely versatile, we have to say! The hammocks also use finest marine-grade materials available; so you don’t have to worry about its durability.

There are two models of the hammock you can choose from – Eternity, with a traditional shape and hexagonal roof, similar to a garden gazebo, and Infinity, with the unusually-shaped structure built from three circles leaning toward each other. The Eternity model is the only one who actually needs any fixing in case of high winds and it`s feet have been conceived to be fixed to any surface.

Maintenance is also surprisingly easy; since the set comes with “Flitz“ stainless care packages for easy stainless steel maintenance and care instructions. Individual parts can be ordered separately in case you need a replacement. Assembling is also not an impossible task, even if building things isn’t your strongest virtue.


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