A Step-by-Step Tutorial on the Popular Twisted Beach Waves

263230_490910857644441_421509142_n Having gorgeous hair around the clock is a dream many of us have; but almost an impossible one at the same time. However, you can learn how to create this twisted beach waves hairstyle that makes sure your hair is always on point. A quote literally says, “Good hair days make me feel like I can take over the world.” Are you ready to testify to the truth of the saying?

Kerastase has been kind enough to us by providing this simple tutorial you can watch through their video. The tutorial video is only around a minute long; but by the end of it be ready to welcome your glorious twisted beach waves!

You will need:
– flat iron;
– Spray a Porter from Kerastase or other hair-styling product that can serve the same purpose;
– LaqueDantelle or other.

Directions: First, you need to start with natural beach waves; and lightly mist your hair using Spray a Porter. Divide your hair into two sections, and create a twisted cord while holding onto both ends. Now, it’s time to take out your flat iron!
Using the iron, flatten your hair starting from the top all the way to the ends. You’d need to use your other hand to hold onto the end while your hair cool down completes before unravelling it. Now that you’re done with one of the cord, repeat the steps on the other section. Finally, to make sure your hair stays in shape throughout the day, use LaqueDentelle. Ta-da, now you’re done with twisted beach waves!

You can use Spray a Porter to create instant beach waves without the stickiness, while LaqueDantelle would set all styles in place with a flexible long-lasting hold. If you find other hair-styling products that bring the same effects as those two, feel free to switch them up.

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