10 Ideas to Make Your Next Pizza More Interesting

Most of us love pizza because of how delicious it can be when done right. But if you eat pizza frequently, there’s a chance the food could become boring. What steps can you take to make your pizza more interesting, flavorful, and dynamic?

How to Make Your Next Pizza More Interesting

These are some of the best strategies for making your next pizza more interesting.

1. Buy your own pizza oven.

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If you’re going to make a lot of pizza at home, why not buy your own outdoor pizza oven? It’s an investment that not everyone can afford, but if you have the money for it, and you know you’re going to cook high volumes of pizza, it’s worth it. There’s simply no substitute for a pizza that’s been fired in this type of oven.

2. Start frozen and customize.

Making pizza from scratch is typically the best approach, but you don’t always have the time or patience for this. Instead, why not try starting with a frozen pizza and customizing it. Sometimes, adding a couple of new ingredients or using your own spice blend is all it takes to take a frozen pizza from bland to trailblazing.

3. Mix your own dipping sauces.

It’s not just about the pizza; it’s also about what you serve alongside the pizza. Consider mixing your own dipping sauces from bases like ranch dressing or BBQ sauce; it can add depth of flavor to the pizza itself and give you an excuse to eat the crust.

4. Experiment with novel toppings.

Pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers are classics for a reason; they’re some of the best overall pizza toppings. However, if you want to ascend to the next level, you should experiment with more novel ingredients. Pineapple is just the beginning.

5. Mix in different cuisines and influences.

There are hundreds of interesting cuisines from around the world. Why not incorporate ingredients, sauces, and cooking styles from these cuisines into the pizza you make? You’ve likely seen “taco pizza” on the menu for at least one pizza establishment. Why not experiment with chicken teriyaki pizza? Or gyro pizza? Or something even more obscure?

6. Go dough crazy.

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Even small adjustments to your dough recipe can make a massive impact on the eventual taste. That’s one reason why dough is the trickiest ingredient to get right. Go nuts experimenting with different ratios until you find the perfect combination – and make sure you experiment with both thin and thick crust varieties.

7. Get spicy.

If you like spicy foods, step up the spice factor of your pizza. Using hotter peppers, custom sauces, and spices like cayenne pepper can instantly elevate your pizza. Just be ready to cool down with ranch or blue cheese dressing.

8. Mix in your leftovers.

Almost a third of the world’s food supply is lost or wasted. Don’t let your leftovers become part of this; instead, use those leftovers as toppings or ingredients in your pizza. It may come out looking like Frankenstein’s monster, but it’s definitely going to taste unique.

9. Make pizza eggs.

Do you have leftover pizza? Consider cutting it up and mixing it into your scrambled eggs the next morning. It’s a very simple recipe that can help you make the most of your pizza (and give you a more interesting breakfast at the same time).

If you plan on cooking lots of pizza in the future as part of your experimentation, it’s vital to have a backup plan like this for your leftovers.

10. Use pizza influences on other foods.

Instead of making only pizzas, use pizza as your inspiration for jazzing up other dishes. For example, can you make chicken with cheese and pepperoni? Can you use a few pizza ingredients to function as the base of an egg roll-style dish?

Becoming a Pizza Master

Are you interested in becoming a true pizza master? If so, you can’t stop here. These are some of the best ways you can keep pushing your skills further:

  • Take classes.

Are there any culinary classes in your area? Can you sign up for any online? Classes range from free to expensive, so use your best judgment, but most classes can teach you at least some new tips and tricks to use in your kitchen.

Whether you’re taking a class exclusively dedicated to pizza or Italian cuisine, or you’re just taking a class on fundamentals, you can walk away with new skills.

  • Observe mentors.

Who do you admire in the pizza world? Is there a pizzeria in your area with a visionary chef heading it? Consider talking to seasoned experts in the pizza world – and if possible, observe their techniques. What can you learn from them?

  • Eat lots and lots of pizza.

Finally, a fun directive – eat as much pizza as you can. Eating different types of pizza, across many different occasions, can broaden your palate and help you figure out better ways to cook and present this delicious dish. Just be sure to try out different restaurants, different toppings, and different ingredients.

Photo by Kelvin T on Unsplash

With these strategies, your pizza game will never be the same. Whether you’re only making pizza as an occasional treat or you’re experimenting with the perfect recipe to serve as the foundation of your future restaurant, you’ll be glad you took initiative on this path to self-improvement.

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