Cleaning Salt Stains Off Suede Footwear

How to Remove Salt Stains from Shoes

Preparing for the cold season includes preparing the attire you’ll be using; from head to toe. While you may be excited to show off your favorite suede shoes, these tips on how to clean salt stains off suede footwear may come in handy.

Getting salt stains on your suede sneakers and boots is an inevitable disaster. Salt is everywhere, and there’s just so much you can do to avoid it. In winter, most sidewalks and roads, for instance, are treated with industrial salt, used to melt the snow and the ice. This way you may notice white stains on your suede shoes which come from the salt!

But the stains doesn’t come always from the exterior. The bodily sweat contains salt too, so the salt from the foot sweat goes directly into your boots. The white stains are a sign. Moreover you may accidentally drop drinks or foods containing salt on your suede shoes! The white chalky marks you’re left with will be a constant reminder on how you fail to care for this delicate material. Ouch! But rest assured; there’s no need to beat yourself up. Here, we have a proven way to remove salt stains off your favorite footwear, and the materials used are all affordable. Let’s get started!

To begin, you’d need white vinegar, diluted water, small bowl, clean soft cloth, suede brush or an old clean toothbrush, newspaper, and protective spray for suede and leather.

Cleaning salt stains:
The first step would be brushing off the dirt using a suede brush or a toothbrush. Don’t forget to stuff the inside of your shoes with newspaper. Then, mix white vinegar and water in a bowl equally. Use a cloth or cotton balls to wet the shoes with the mix (you’d only need to damp it), and once you’re done, let your shoes dry naturally. Clean the brush you used in the vinegar solution.

Once the shoes are completely dried up, brush it gently with a clean suede brush or an old toothbrush. To restore the original color, use colored protective spray made for suede and leather. If your shoes don’t have any color problem, still, play it safe and spray a layer of transparent protective spray. This way, your shoes can stay nice and clean longer. To apply, spray your shoes in a circular motion from about 15-20 cm away. For another extra layer, wait 30 minutes then repeat the steps.

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