How To Make Cute Winter Yarn Ornaments – DIY

Winter is almost here, if not already here for most of us. Not to mention people that are living in very cold countries, they probably feel winter much earlier. Because of the cold, people wear cute hats and warm clothes and we thought that you might like a tutorial that shows you how to bring hats as decorations in your home in a more creative way not just wearing them when needed. These are awesome to be put on the Christmas tree too, so you have a double reason to try and make them!

How To Make Cute Winter Yarn Ornaments - DIY (2)

What you will need:

– knitting yarn in different colors(pink,green,yellow, purple or the colors you want);
– scissors;
– toilet paper rolls;
– optional: small crystals and fabric glue.


1. Start with preparing everything you need in one place and cut the toilet paper rolls in pieces of 2-3 cm.

2. Cut a lot of 12 cm yarn strands (or something around that, it depends on how big you want to make the hats) and start knotting them to the small toilet paper rolls.

3. Take a longer yarn and make a knot around 2 cm before the ending of the yarns you have knotted before and that was all, your ornaments are ready!

4. If you feel like you want to make them much more interesting you can glue some nice little crystals to them and they will look shiny! after you have finished with the making use them to decorate your Christmas tree or just place them in random places in the house where you have small corners with decorations!

How To Make Cute Winter Yarn Ornaments - DIY

Photo courtesy: 1. Gudrun Hildebert on Facebook; 2. zszywka.

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