How to Have Full and Beautiful Lashes

No matter what type of mascara you are using, some extra volume to your lashes is always welcomed. In order to enjoy full and big eyes, you can use our simple trick on how to make your lashes look fuller. Add more depth to the eyes and more cuteness by using this very simple and easy trick.

What you will need:

– mascara;
– lash curler;
– eyeliner;
– powder;
– brush;
– toothpick.


1. First thing you want to do is to apply eyeliner to your eyelid. A thin line from the inner corners of the eyes ending in a cat eye is perfect.

2. Curl the lashes with the curler and add a layer of volumizing mascara to your lashes.

3. Take some powder on a brush and apply it immediately to the lashes, this will make them more thick and the powder will stick easily to the mascara that didn’t have time to dry yet.

4. Take the mascara again and add another layer over the previous one enriched with the powder.

5. Take a toothpick and separate any bonded pieces of lashes to avoid a spider look. You eyes will look amazing and your lashes will look huge.


Photo courtesy: makeup.

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