How to Easily Cut Your Hair at Home

Going to a hair salon can be expensive, especially if you don’t want to make big changes in the hairstyle you have. Because of that and not only, also for time reasons, you can cut your own hair at home. It is very comfortable to do small changes from home and not bother for that to go out, you can cut the ends or you can make yourself bangs. To cut your hair at home and safely you can use the CreaClip (find it here) which is an amazing product that helps you make no mistakes when it comes to this subject. Before cutting you have to take in consideration what type of face you have and you will find out here what suits you. Check out: Bangs That Suit Your Face Shape.


For oval face shape: straight across bangs, side swept bangs, angled bangs, textured bangs, but mostly oval face can wear any type of bangs, so if you have this you are very lucky.

For round face shapes best fit the following bang types: textured side bangs, angled bangs and straight across bangs because they usually have a narrow forehead. All of these type of bangs create and give length to the face.

For diamond and heart shaped face you want to take away the focus from the edges and you can wear side swept bangs and short angled bangs.

For oblong and rectangle face shape you need bangs that create a wider look rather than long and for that you can wear: side swept bangs, layered bangs and full fluffy bangs and one important thing to remember is to avoid short mini bangs.

For pear face shape the best bangs you can try are side bangs.

How to Easily Cut Your Hair at Home

All you have to do with the CreaClip is just to slide it down and cut the hair, it will look like you just got out from the hair salon. It also has a leveling tool on it for perfect side bangs and you will see how useful this is, especially knowing you have to cut your bags every 3 weeks. Save money, save time and be beautiful!

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