How To Curl Your Hair Using Foil

In an older tutorial we have showed you how to curl your hair with foils and a hot iron, and now you will find out how to curl it without needing any other products except some foils and some hot water. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make curls and the results are long lasting, so you don’t have to worry your curls won’t last. You can do it by yourself, practice on a friend and even teach a friend to make it for you, either way, you will love this curling method.

How To Curl Hair Just With Foil And Hot Water

What you will need:
– aluminum foils;
– hot water.

1. Prepare your hair for the curling process: it has to be clean if you want good looking hair afterwards.
2. Cut some pieces of foil, the number of them depends on your hair length and thickness. This is something you have to decide on your own.
3. Section your hair and take hair strands you will want to curl, the foil has to look like a papillote curler.
4. Roll the hair from the strand on the foil and repeat this for all of your hair.
5. Take the water you have boiled before and pour it over the foils, be careful here not to burn your skin or hair, the water has to be hot, not still boiling.
6. Let the hair dry and remove the foils.
7. Don’t brush hair and if you want add some hairspray to it (optional).

Photo courtesy: frizure.

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