Tips On How To Choose Men’s Diamond Earrings

Who would have thought that men nowadays are very picky with their accessories, which includes diamond earrings? Earrings have become a staple piece of jewelry for men as it adds more trend and style to their overall look.

If you plan to pick a diamond earring for a man in your life, you should know that there are so many designs available out there, and one design does not fit everyone. To choose the correct piece for the man you are buying it for, follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure that it will fit him perfectly.

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Choose According To Their Face Shape

You should consider their face shape when choosing diamond earrings. The shape of their face plays a significant role in how a diamond earring would look on them. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the correct diamond earring according to a person’s face shape.

  • Oval or Long Face – A long or oval face shape is considered the lucky shape since it can go with any diamond earring design.
  • Inverted Triangle Shape – If they have an inverted triangle face shape, the best diamond earrings are the bar earrings and the small round studs.
  • Round Face – Square and geometric designed earrings are best for round faces as it can contrast their equally wide forehead and cheekbone.
  • Square Face – A round, oval, or curved and hooped earrings are the best for their chiseled jaw and cheekbones that give them a rectangular or square face shape.

Choose The Right Earring Setting

Another thing to consider in choosing men’s diamond earrings is it’s setting. Setting style is the way the diamond is attached to an earring. You can choose from three different earring settings: the prong settings, bezel settings, and halo settings.

  • The prong settings are also known as the claw settings, where the diamond sits between four slim prongs that hold it in place. It looks more like a claw keeping the diamond safe and securely attached to the stud. This is the most common setting style in earrings that you can see in men.
  • Bezel settings or the rub over settings is a solid metal frame surrounding the diamond to hold it in place. It is a very secure way of attaching a diamond to the stud earring as it covers and protects the diamond piece 360 degrees. If you love a sleek design for a more modern look, a bezel setting design is your best choice.
  • Last but not least is the halo settings diamond design. It is the most glamorous design of the three as it has smaller diamonds surrounding the main diamond piece. The small diamonds add sparkle and elegance to the earrings. If your man is an elegant type of person, then you have to choose the bezel set design.

Pay Attention to His Day-to-Day Outfit

His dressing style is one of the most accurate guides that can help you choose his diamond earrings. Unlike women that wear different jewelry based on their outfits, men mostly wear the same earrings most of the time. This is the very reason why you need to buy a diamond earring that suits your man’s style and preference.

If your man loves to wear dark colors like black, you can opt for a diamond earring with rose gold or yellow gold metal base. And if he often wears brightly colored outfits, you can choose between white gold, platinum, or silver metal base.

Diamond Quality

Do not forget about the quality of the diamond you are going to purchase. There are various factors to determine a diamond’s quality, such as color, carat weight, cut, and clarity. When purchasing good quality diamonds, there’s a rule of thumb that may serve as a guide.

H/Si quality diamond should be your set minimum in terms of the diamond’s quality, and the above ideal would be G/Vs quality diamond. An H/Si quality diamond is usually under a 0.50 carat, which is usually a white color diamond with no tint and is considered a superb value. G/Vs, on the other hand, is a bright white diamond considered as near colorless.

The G/Vs quality diamonds are above 0.50 carat. To make sure you can get a quality diamond for your man, purchase from a reputable shop. There are many quality diamonds to choose from at ItsHot including necklaces, rings, and especially earrings.

Pair Or Single?

When shopping for diamond earrings, you should determine whether you want to buy in pairs or just a single earring. Diamond earrings for men come in pairs or singles. It is the wearer’s preference if he only wants to have a single ear piercing or two.

Pay attention to your man’s earrings as some men have piercings in both ears but only wear one piece most of the time. If you noticed both of his ears have piercings, it is best to buy a pair if your budget permits.


Buying a diamond should not be done in a rush. You should take your time in choosing the right piece. A diamond should be chosen with care because you do not want your money to go to waste from buying the wrong piece. Diamond is expensive, which is why you have to choose wisely.

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