How to Avoid Getting Fooled When Buying Diamonds

Do you know how to make the difference between a fake diamond and a real diamond? What about the difference between lab created diamonds and real diamonds? If not, then you might be in trouble of getting scammed when you pick out your engagement or wedding ring for your loved one. To help you avoid getting fooled when you’re looking to buy a diamond, consider some of these tips.

1. Make Sure It’s Certified

When at a jeweler’s, you want to make sure that the diamonds are certified. Those are the ones that have been graded by a trusted institute like the Gemological Institute of America. They give an accurate grade of the diamond which allows the jeweler to know how much they can reasonably price those diamonds.

Those that are uncertified are typically poorly cut or low-quality diamonds. When going to a jeweler, always ensure that they are showing you certified diamonds.

2. Avoid Sham Certificates

Speaking of certificates, it’s also important to take a look at the certificate itself. Another way that a jeweler might try to fool you is by showing you certificates with grades given by sham institutes or labs. The labs might be fake or they might be in cahoots with the jeweler and offer a good grade for a share of the profits.

Inspect the certificate and ensure that it comes from a reliable institution or lab like the GIA.

3. Be Mindful of Wholesale Prices

When it comes to pricing diamonds, the actual price is typically left to the jeweler. There is an estimated price of the diamond, of course, but they can choose to sell it for more or less. Some shady jewelers might choose to inflate the price of their diamonds. Then they slash the price and host a wholesale promotion.

Don’t go in a jewelry shop and think you will get an extremely expensive diamond at a low price. In reality, you’re actually overpaying for a diamond that is likely to be less expensive than the wholesale price.

When a sale like this is going on, you should be wary of the price. It usually means the jeweler has something to hide or the diamond, itself, is worth significantly less. Essentially, if it’s too good to be true, usually it isn’t.

4. Watch Out For Bait and Switch Practices

In some cases, you might have picked out the perfect diamond. The setting has been chosen, and you’re just waiting for it to be ready. Suddenly, you receive a call from the jeweler. They inform you that the diamond was no longer available. Instead, they offer to switch out to another diamond that’s a bit more expensive.

This is a shady way to make you spend more than you originally planned. You might even end up with a diamond that’s worth less than the price. An even bigger issue is the money you have already spent.

Refunds typically aren’t allowed. Instead, you’ll get a store credit which means you have to buy from the jeweler if you ever want to get your money’s worth.

5. Know Types of Diamonds

In order not to be a fool at the jeweler, it’s important to do a bit of research before you walk into the store. Knowing the type of diamond you want and what it looks like is a great step to staying fool-free. Natural diamonds are white and colorless.

When you think of diamonds, you typically think of natural diamonds. Treated diamonds start as natural diamonds, but they’re then treated to be made even prettier. They are less expensive. Natural Colored diamonds are those that have color and are rare.

Be Smart! When it comes to shopping for diamonds, you need to be well prepared to stay fool-free. Some men opt to buy pre-owned engagement rings rather than buy new ones to save on cost. Not only is this practical, but it’s also more sustainable.

There is always the risk of being duped by a replica diamond, but there’s virtually no risk when you’re dealing with a trusted source that already does the vetting of the rings. As long as they are authentic, pre-owned rings don’t make proposals less special because, at the end of the day, it’s not the ring that makes the marriage.

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