How to Be More Environmentally Friendly and Why It’s Important

Especially if you are a millennial or older, the term eco-friendly should hold a lot of weight. Well, we mentioned Millennials because eco-friendliness is closely linked to the term sustainability, which became popular in the late nineties around the globe as the UN Brundtland Report was produced in 1987. Nonetheless, the green movement had started more than one or two decades earlier in the 60s and seventies expressing deep concern about the degradation of the global environment.

Over time, humanity realized just how much toll Mother Nature was taking despite the enjoyable fruits of urban development, agriculture, industrialization, and the like. By the time a bigger part of the world realized it, the air in many urban centers was smoking with pollution, and forest coverage had gone down to unimaginable levels.

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As the volume of water bodies dwindled, many of the existing ones harbored polluted water, and damping sites began filling up pretty quickly. Ice caps were melting and raising the sea levels, thanks to the popular phenomenon called global warming. The definition of the word climate holds less meaning with every tick of the clock today because the climate changed in most parts of the planet.

Forgive the rather long introduction, but the writing is on the wall that this and several previous generations have failed our environment time and again. The good thing is that there are a few things you can do to become a friend of the environment. In case you are yet to know why; a few reasons will be provided at the end of the article. Here are some pointers on how to become more environmentally friendly and why it matters.

1. Plant More Trees

Trees are natural purifiers of the atmosphere. This is why they provide cool and fresh air, not forgetting that they also attract rainfall. Moreover, many water catchment areas are made up of forests. When you plant trees in the wild or in your outdoor space, you are basically supporting the environment.

If you have to use timber products like furniture, ensure the wood is sourced from a company that upholds environmentally friendly practices and principles. The folks from Whole People insist on ensuring that the materials used are sustainable and durable. The production and finishing methods should also be environmentally friendly.

2. Watch Your Carbon Footprint

One of the first steps to eco-friendly life is determining your carbon footprint and how you can keep it low. It’s about considering everything you use in your day-to-day life and assessing its impact on the environment. If your lifestyle involves the use of equipment or machinery that causes high CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, for instance, it is best to reconsider your options and alternatives.

For instance, you could reduce the number of times you drive to work and use a bike instead; if the distance permits it. On this note, cutting back on gas-powered equipment like a generator could help. In most cases, reducing your carbon footprint involves reducing the emissions you cause to the atmosphere, either directly or indirectly. This is perhaps why electric cars are taking the world by storm around the world past 2020.

Adopting methods to lower your carbon footprint can help decrease air pollution by a big margin, however insignificant it may appear to you. After all, it will take everyone’s effort to save the environment from the effects of human activity.

3. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

To be a friend of the environment, the consumption of any item whose production harms the environment in any way should be reduced. This is why you find items like plastics being reused and widely recycled around the globe. It is also part of reducing carbon emissions and the greenhouse effect on our precious atmosphere.

You will be doing the earth a big favor by just cutting back on your usage of plastic or metal products, repurposing wood, and recycling what you can. Most garbage collection agencies will often sort your trash and separate recyclable items from what goes into the incinerator. However, it doesn’t hurt to do so to your garbage at the point of disposing of it.

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4. Maintain an Eco-Friendly Indoors

We harm the environment in many ways, and much of this comes from our indoor activities. To be more environmentally friendly, you may have to change some aspects of your lifestyle, including the cleaning products you use and how you set your thermostat. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Invest in energy-efficient home appliances and equipment;
  • Turn your HVAC off or keep the heat settings down when you can;
  • Eat less processed food;
  • Insulate your home to conserve energy;
  • Minimize water usage in your home;
  • Purchase.

Humanity depends on the environment in many ways. These include food and the air we breathe. Even our safety, health, and well-being are threatened if Mother Nature stays angry at us. Thankfully, you now have a few tips that can help you make a change as an individual and become a friend of the environment.

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