Home Arrangement Tips to Equip Your Dog’s Space

Getting a dog is a responsible step, and you should be ready for it both physically and mentally. Of course, a dog will bring a huge portion of positive vibes and become your full-fledged family member, but all these moments will wait for you ahead.

Are you ready to share your home with another living creature and spend a pretty penny on its needs? At first, you will have to go through tough times, get used to its character traits and realize that your furry friend has a long list of requirements.

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Bear in mind that a puppy requires a couple of days to adapt to a new place, but you can use this time to your benefit. For example, you can find out what spots appeal to it the most. This knowledge will allow you to choose a suitable place for the pet in your house. Even though some pet owners believe that a pet can do well without its space, it is far from the case.

Safety recommendations

You may believe that your home is the safest place in the world, but it can still be dangerous for a new family member. You can start with hiding power wires and covering up sockets. Small puppies like to chew everything they happen upon.

In the case of low windows or some furniture near windowsills, it is worth thinking about special bars. You cannot even imagine how curious small puppies are, and the main issue is that they don’t possess a sense of height.

If you have a slippery floor (laminate or parquet), your dog may have health issues connected with the musculoskeletal system. It is when rugs or a carpet may come to the rescue.

Besides, it will not be superfluous to check everything that may draw your pet’s attraction. For example, it can be about shoes, books, slippers, etc.

How to pick the right place?

Even though dogs can sleep almost everywhere, you should provide your pet with a bed. When you start choosing the right size, consider your dog’s breed and its height. Small puppies don’t need as much space as adult dogs, but if you don’t plan to purchase a new bed in several months, choose a bed based on an adult dog’s size. The same goes for the best plastic dog crates and picking the right option.

In case your pet refuses to lie in the provided place, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need it at all. The chances are high that something is wrong with its location or bed itself.

If you decide to get a huskie or another breed with thick hair, then a thin rug can be enough. If you have noticed that your dog is timid, it is worth rejecting the idea of buying a house with a roof. An enclosed space may increase its anxiety and make it feel uncomfortable.

And while one dog needs to curl up, another one may want to stretch itself out, so you should consider both the breed and character of your favorite.

Don’t forget that a puppy may decide to tear its bed, so make sure it will not be able to gorge itself on filler. Take the simplest option possible not to waste your money until you understand your dog’s preferences.

And the bed’s location is perhaps the most crucial moment when it comes to your furry friend’s adaptation. Choose a place that can provide your dog with a chance to escape if something.

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How to make a comfy place and train your dog to it?

The first thing you should do is to pick up a place in the corner but open on two sides. Thus, it should have a headboard from one side and be open from others. Dogs adore staying informed about the owner’s movements, so it is better to choose a place with a good view.

And if you want your dog to know its place, don’t postpone training but start from the first day. Give your dog some time to adapt to your home and show its place. There is no need to raise your voice or use an imperative tone. Patience and love are your best companions in this case.

When a puppy is done with eating, playing, and interacting with its new owner, it will start searching for a comfy place to sleep. It is the best time to show your pet its bed. When you take your dog to the spot, don’t rush to move away. Stay for some time to stroke your new friend. You may have to repeat your actions several times. Don’t lose your temper.

Besides, there is a trick that will help your puppy adapt much faster. Provide the breeder with an old wool sweater and ask them to put it in the dog’s place a week before you get a puppy. Thus, when you bring it home, you can use this sweater as its “antidepressant.” Just cover your dog’s bed with the sweater to help your friend feel like home. Its mummy’s scent will calm it down and make it stay in the place.

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